Summer Patio: 3 Essentials And When To Buy Them

The temperature has been freezing in a lot of the world. This is due to the polar vortex which has been doing its thing. This phenomenon has been keeping a lot of people inside the comfort of their homes. However, a rise in temperature is expected in the coming months, particularly near the start of the summer season. And as the summer approaches, more and more people will find themselves anticipating activities under the sun, and relaxing and rejuvenating under commercial patio umbrellas at various places.

Benefits of being outdoors this summer

There’s a lot of benefits in being outdoors, especially during the summer season. This summer will be more special because of the long weeks of bitter cold from the polar vortex. People will look forward to the beginning of the summer season to be outdoors and enjoy activities. There are a lot of good reasons why being outdoors in summer is helpful.

The first reason is that being outside boosts the immune system. This is because inhaling phytoncides produced by plants increases the count of white blood cells. The second one is because it helps in keeping the body active and in shape. An active and fit body reduces the chance of getting sick. And last but not least is because being outdoors gives us better focus, which means more active creativity and more productivity.

A lot of people will stay outdoors in summer to cool down, either going to a beach or cooling down in their own pools. Relaxing beside the pool and sipping favorite refreshments can also relieve stress and make the overall mood better and happier. Gathering family and friends to a picnic lunch is also a lovely activity after being indoors for a long period of time. Shops like National Outdoor Furniture offer a variety of outdoor furniture in their inventory. To make the perfect summer treat, cozy and cool summer furniture is a must. Here are the three pieces of summer furniture to consider.

Best furniture to buy for summer activities

1. Picnic Table

Because of its variety of uses, a picnic table is not only for summer events. Usually made out of wood, picnic tables can be used for relaxation times or with family and friends. There are tables that are thermoplastic coated or made entirely with recycled plastic. Other types of picnic tables include ADA accessible tables, children’s tables, and patio tables with separate seatings.

2. Patio Sling Furniture

For those who don’t prefer the attached seatings on picnic tables, patio sling furniture is the one for you. It supports the back and is made of breathable material, making it more comfortable. There are even models where a person can lay and enjoy the rays of the sun. Usually, the set is completed with an accompanying table that is made out of the same material as the chairs. Tables made out of fiberglass are also available in sizes from 18″ to 36″.

3. Umbrellas and tables

To complete the patio summer furniture set, an umbrella can be added to the collection. Usual sizes for umbrellas are seven feet, but patio style umbrellas can go up to nine feet. A different variety of colors are also available in the market, so there will be one for every customer. A type of umbrella known as a push-up umbrella is also available in most of the markets.

The best date to buy summer furniture

Just like any other thing, patio furniture has seasonal sales and can be brought at a lower price. Practical shoppers usually have a lot of patience to wait for the seasonal period to purchase the item wanted. And when it comes to patio furniture, the best time to buy is before summer starts. Making a quick analysis from Google Trends, the search term “patio furniture” rises as early as January and started to decrease in the first week of July, with the volume of searches peaking at the first and last week of May.

Buying in May seems to be the logical solution; however, there are logistics problems that can arrive because of order congestion. The best bet is between March to the end of April, where deals are starting to appear, and also to avoid “no stock available” problems. The early bird catches the worm, to enjoy the full three months of summer, make sure to get your patio furniture before the season starts.