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Styles of furniture

The styles of furniture and chairs that you choose to decorate your home are usually formed by certain times. Some translate into time periods and can be used for a variety of decorative schemes, while others remain frozen forever in time. Unless you want your decor trapped in time, worth decorate in a style that will stand the whims and cravings for generations .

Colonial period
The furniture of the colonial period are representative of the United States before it became an independent nation. Although he was influenced by British styles of the era, colonial furniture are characterized by a simplicity that the British did not possess. To truly emulate the period prior to Revolutionize War exchange for stools and chairs as a form pews seating was often a choice of settlers.

styles of furniture

Queen Anne Style
The furniture in the style of Queen Anne are notable for introducing decorative decorations simple designs that preceded him. The upholstered chairs became the norm during the period Queen Anne (Queen Anne). The cabriole leg was also introduced in this period. Find an armchair characterized by high backs and sides or Windsor chair with straight legs and a shaft rear built in a saddle with a seat table.

French Styles
The French furniture include the fauteuil chair with straight legs, back and curved seat on the side. The most important piece of furniture to add to a French province design is a cabinet that rests above cabriole legs. French designs include a chair with a seat made of native woods like walnut and beech.

The Victorian furniture from the past seem to create a renaissance. That decision has ensured that the Victorian furniture are rarely out of place. The Victorian chairs are characterized by sumptuous upholstery and richly decorated with flower patterns. You can recognize a Victorian sofa or chair for their family lines curves.

The modern style of furniture dating back to the 1930s and 1940s. The chairs were shaped to fit the human form and often had very simple designs. Furniture modern period were made of wood and, perhaps due to the Great Depression, were characterized by very little upholstery. In the 1950s, modern appearance was the most economical way to build furniture that will use cushioned seats and molded plastic.

Furniture postmodernism can often mimic the appearance of modern chairs while they are much less decorated. Instead of carving a wooden chair, postmodern chairs are made of plywood. Searching painted chairs and pop culture inspired furniture.