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Styles curtain rails

The curtain rails styles vary as much as the places where they are used. Choose a style that suits the environment of your house, office, hotel or medical center. Each style curtain rail width may vary, shape and durability, depending on the function and expected frequency of the use of curtains which will hold. Furthermore, some curtains are operated manually , while others are operated electronically.

Wall Rails

The curtain rails are not the same as a curtain rod, although both can be mounted on the wall. Curtain rails allow greater movement of them, with more rail located along the wall most cover bar lengths. The wall rail styles can extend the length of the same, including the adjacent walls, providing flexibility in how far the curtains open or closed. Curtain rods usually do not extend the length of the wall and are bent or extend to the adjacent walls, which restricts a potential view.

Styles curtain rails


Rails wall high strength
The hotels typically prefer styles of rails heavy duty wall as they have guests who are not so concerned about the care of your property as they would in their own home. Also, children can play with the long curtains hanging in a hotel room, something that would never dare at home. Wall rails heavy duty ball bearing rails are stronger than the standard home version. This helps ensure that repeated use (as much as 365 days a year) does not lead to a malfunction for a hotel guest.


Roof rails 45 to 90 degrees
Choose the style of roof rails 45-90 degrees if you are decorating a medical examination room, emergency room (or patient) of a hospital or a treatment room for guests with a spa. This roof rail offers privacy for a specific area, extending outward from a wall or in the center of a room.

Wall rail oval
A roof rail is not just for retail environments, you can also use one on the leg with claw tub in the house. The roof rail oval is a favorite style for this type of use and some providers offer the ability to move the curtain hanging from the ceiling mount down instead of side to side as wall curtains or medical treatment rooms . Lower the curtain on a roof rail oval provides greater flexibility as to the amount of privacy desired.

Electronic and manual rail
You can choose whether to pull the curtains to open them manually or install a rail style that allows you to operate them in electronic form. Motorized curtain rails provide more flexibility in the operation from another area of ​​the room, limiting contact with curtains, which can help extend the life and reduce wear due to contact and oils or dirt from the hand.