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For some women, decorate the kitchen is more important than the decor of the rest of the house. The decor of Italian style kitchens usually the favorite subject for many people. Add charm to your home and makes a beautiful place for the family to sit together and enjoy delicious meals. The Tuscan style is a type of Italian decorative design that incorporates the warmth of earth tones and makes use of natural materials. If you want to see projects and home kitchen designs follow this link, there is a contents listing page here published .

 style kitchens

Kitchen with Italian decor tiles
The Tuscan style can seem expensive but can also be achieved without having to rob a bank. Read on this article to decorate your kitchen in an accessible manner. Aspects of Italian kitchens decoration .

To get the true Tuscan look , choose colors that mimic the Tuscan landscape, such as earth tones, rich gold or various shades of the sea. It is also a good idea to replicate the colors of the vases majolica to add color to the walls and floors, in the Italian style kitchen decor . However, it is important to use natural materials such as slate, tile, stone or granite for countertops and floors. This will complete the look of the decor with Italian charm. decoration in Italian kitchens, the lighting should be older style and you have to avoid using modern patterns. It is also a good idea to use wrought iron artifacts . To complete the decoration, it is important to avoid looking bright lights, a better option is to choose those with metallic finish .

Italian decor kitchen
There is a wide range of kitchen accessories available for decorating kitchens Italian style, but can be very expensive. It’s a good idea to look at the local antique shops and get some real. jars and ceramic bowls and painted wooden vessels are added to the decoration of kitchens to give Italian accents. Each item of daily use for decoration can serve as the braids of garlic or peppers in the corners. The green of the herbs in pots softens the look of the environment.

Decor Italian style tiled kitchen
To achieve the decoration of the Italian kitchen, the windows should have a dramatic or subtle nuances, but avoid anything with too many decorations and use muted colors or earth tones . It’s a good idea to keep a bearing surface iron round base with glass, or put tile on top of the counter to complete the best Italian-style decor. Decorating kitchen wall should be done in natural and warm colors . Giving texture to vertical surfaces or painting a false figure with a plastic bump look and adds to the decor theme. Floors should look a darker shade , such as brick, slate or wood with dark tone are very good.