Stumped on Birthday Gift Ideas? Consider These 7 Things

Birthdays are the perfect chance to show your friend that you know them deeply and care about what they’re passionate about. But sometimes buying the perfect gift can be a little tricky and while you definitely already know what you could get, it can help to have a guide to inspire some ideas. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you choose the perfect gift for your friend, no matter what their favorite hobby or interest is. Take a look below for our best suggestions.

1. Gourmet Food or Wine Basket

Does your friend love a good glass of wine or a delicious gourmet meal? Then they’ll definitely appreciate the gift of a food or wine basket. You can pick out their favorites or lean on a variety package that has a lot of options, so you know they’ll get something that they’ll love and enjoy. As an added bonus, you can also include some cool wine and food themed accessories, like cute coasters or gourmet spices.

2. A Nice Bottle of Alcohol

Want to skip the cheese and crackers and cut straight to the chase? If your friend is a wine or liquor connoisseur, then they’ll definitely appreciate the gift of a nice bottle of alcohol to enjoy. You can either choose their favorite spirit or go for something unique that will be an excellent addition to their collection. With Saucey at your side you don’t even need to go to the liquor store, you can do all your shopping from the comfort of your own home and wait for their wine delivery service to bring you your order- And don’t worry, if you’re in a rush to grab a bottle of the strong stuff, they’ve got you covered with 30 minute delivery.

3. Outdoors Store Gift Card

Outdoor activities have grown in popularity at a rapid rate in the last few years, and if your friend is one of those many people who love spending time outdoors, they’ll love a gift card to their favorite store. Whether they’re a hiker or an avid cyclist, a gift card can help them get the gear and supplies that they need to enjoy their favorite activities, and lets you off the hook for needing to know what that activity specifically is! Plus, it’s perfect for all seasons, so no matter what time of year they celebrate getting older they are bound to enjoy it.

4. A Fabulous Experience

If your friend is someone who loves life and opportunities, then you can’t go wrong with giving them an experience that they’ll love. Whether it’s concert tickets that you can go to together, or a spa day to relieve all of those long day knots, consider what they love to do in their free time and plan something around that. It can be something you both can have fun doing or something for them to explore by themselves, depending on how involved you want to be.  Be sure to check out birthday gifts for him as well.

5. A Book

If your friend loves reading and learning, then they’ll definitely appreciate the gift of a book. You can dig around in their favorite genre or explore something new that they might enjoy, but either way you’re sure to find them an amazing read. From science-fiction to historical, cook books to autobiographies, you’ve got a wide variety of options to choose from. If your friend is a book lover, it’s more than likely you’ll find something that they’ll enjoy!

6. Art Supplies

If your friend is a creative type who loves to spend their time making beautiful pieces of art, then they’ll definitely appreciate the gift of some new supplies. Whether it’s more paint or different varieties of paper types, you can help them explore and experiment with new ideas that will keep their inspiration flowing for years to come. A quick trip to your local craft supply store will help you get them the things they need to really dive into an artistic creation, and beautiful embossed cards being a good example.

7. A Nice Pair of Shoes

If your friend loves fashion and looking their best, then a pair of new shoes is definitely the perfect choice. You can go to their favorite store or explore something they’ve never tried before – but either way you’re sure to find them something sleek and stylish that will make them want to start strutting their stuff. Whether it’s fancy heels or cute sneakers, you can’t go wrong with dressing your friend up in the stylish shoes they’ve been missing! Make sure to sneak a peak at their shoe size next time they walk away so that you don’t get them something they’ll have to return.

In Conclusion

Show your friends how close you are by getting them a thoughtful and unique birthday gift. Whether it’s a great bottle of liquor, an outdoor experience, a book to read, some new art supplies, or a pair of fashionable shoes, there’s something that will fit their lifestyle perfectly. So take the guesswork out of gift giving this year and surprise them with an amazing present that they’ll love for years to come!