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Designs of stairs in house

Review examples of residential stairs, which are part of the collection in this blog about architecture. Curious designs, functional structures, shapes and varied original materials chosen to build them.

The intention here is to show you a set of design ideas interior stairs through the images. Some of them are just as impressive practices and other sophisticated structures. In any case, it’s a pleasure to see these different steps for their designs, inspired by modern architectural concepts, contemporary and even avant-garde. The images were found on the Internet reviewing quality models for inspiration , it was not possible to identify data architects or works to which they belong. Revise your entry on stairs designs and models for residential homes , follow this link, you will find a list of relevant content that may be consulted with profit.

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Contemporary style staircase
Basically the steps are formed by steps asserted below or to the side . The designs and modern materials allow building stairs that look very different aspects, and support systems that seem to defy gravity, for example this is seen in the floating stairs.

Contemporary staircase defined between the interior colors
Stairs give the architect the opportunity to shine from their design concepts . One can say that the stairs designed by a professional architecture are a test of your ability. Each step in the original residential work can express even an artistic vision. Sometimes the ladder may come to be seen as a sculpture. Combining the chosen materials, the forms and technique for their support so that it can fulfill the basic function and an additional.

Contemporary staircase in a converted barn housing
Reviewing traditional concepts, designers now focus on designing stairs that serve their purpose safely but with minimal structural elements required by potential or unavoidable demands.

Staircase of curious design Minimalist
The stairs are here we see in contemporary interior. In the picture above you see a very original staircase minimalist style combined with a supporting furniture made ​​of wood to the height of a table, and showing two types of steps. It is a contemporary staircase, original, practical, unique and curious.

Staircase and Library saves space in small environment
Ariba shows another variant design staircase small space interior combines a library ladder, and is constructed of metal. A library ladder merged as an expression of minimalism. At the foot of the stairs, the first steps are also bearing surfaces between the living and dining rooms.

In the picture below there is a floating glass staircase , protected by a glass wall. Really the steps appear to be in the air. Another expression of Minimalism indoors.

Tempered glass staircase, floating stairs
Below we see a curved staircase with a central structure that makes rib and combines straight lines with the grace of the curves. They turned to the design inspired by a backbone . It is a ladder type known, but often go unnoticed potential curves and grace that is achieved with the design.

Sculptural spiral staircase with central support material
And tubular double spiral staircases, which are quite a curiosity. It’s really a double staircase interior very original, looks like a piece of sculpture. A double helix of wood hanging from the ceiling.

Double helix staircase suspended an original design
The following image is a metal staircase zig-zag . It is a royal flush and a decorative Minimalist original design. The contrast of black and white on each side creates impressions typical of a modern sculpture.

Staircase Minimalist zigzag steps
Below you see a glass staircase and transparent green tone. It is an architectural structure aligned with concepts minimalist contemporary design .

Clear glass staircase in contemporary home
In reviewing designs and models, you can check a variety of seemingly endless stairs . All you can see will for your inspiration.

Modern staircase in a luxurious residence
The images were selected from housing projects and supply of stairs manufacturers found in North America and Europe. These designs are new, ingenious, and serve for inspiration. You can check out the wide variety of ideas to make stairs of houses or residences, here’s just a small sample.

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