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Decorate the stairs for Halloween

Halloween is about scaring people and accompanying accessories that should be viewed as if they came straight from the nightmares. Decorate stairs for Halloween is more complicated than the rest of the house. For one, there is less room for large items, but there is also the danger of tripping and falling. The decorations of stairs must be safe, but still provide the right atmosphere for Halloween.

decorate the stairs

The stairs must have lights so that people can see the road and not trip. Put orange tube lights along the sides of the stairs . They are bright enough to illuminate, but not so bright that ruin the dark atmosphere. For an added effect and increased safety, put reflective tape strips along the steps. The tape glows eerily under tube lights and makes it easier to see the steps. Do not use strobe lights on the stairs . The flashes can disturb some eyes, causing people to lose their balance and fall.

Halloween Wrap decorative rope handrails on stairs . Halloween rope resembles Christmas, but it is generally orange and black. Sometimes you have bats or spiders hanging from it as well. Fake cobwebs stretching down handrails or floor. Buying fake spider webs in bright colors with plastic spiders or cotton used a craft store. Do not use anything on the handrail to scare people like slimy substance, in an attempt to scare . Could quickly get their hands handrails and off balance.

Put a decoration on each rung of the ladder . This causes everyone to be more visible to the eye. Put small pumpkins on each step or jack-o-lanterns. The plastic pumpkins are readily available and are used for several years. You can use any decor standing or sitting. Choose the items you are firm and will not fall, turn upon or break. The stairs inside are generally smaller, so there may be room for decorations in individual steps.

If the stairs have walls, decorate them too. Post vinyl blood dripping from the ceiling, so it looks like a slaughter occurred on the top floor. Use paint or markers that glow in the dark at blank walls. Write words of warning, such as “Caution” or “Enter at your own risk”. An alternative to markers that glow in the dark is black light markers. Put a black light near the writing to make words glow. Any other light in the stairway must be pretty dim for words shine, but not so dim that any guest can not find the steps.

Do not try to scare people on the stairs . Put any mobile decoration at the bottom of the stairs to scare people once they get to the bottom or before climbing the stairs . Put scary decorations on top of the stairs can be dangerous. Someone can walk away and fall decoration. Also, do not hang anything, like spiders from the ceilings above the stairs . Somebody may beat them and lose your balance.