Spray it Paint Gun


Sprayit Paint Gun is one of the best options available in the market for painting. It is a LVLP Spray Gun. You get the one piece lightweight aluminum gun body with 20 oz./0.6 l plastic cup .For the precise application, Sprayit product offers adjustable and separate fluid, air controls and fan pattern. 3.5 to 3.9 CFM @ 30 PSI is the normal air consumption. 28-45 PSI is the working pressure, while maximum pressure is 60 PSI. 7.0” to 10.9” is the fan pattern.

– Can You Paint A Car With A LVLP Gun?

LVLP Gun, a Low-Volume-Low-Pressure LVLP Gun is a low-pressure gun that operates at the low pressure – as low as 10 PSI. LVLP spay gun is a premium-quality gun that provides painters greater and measured control over the spraying of the paint. LVLP Spray Gun also causes less waste and overspray than HVLP and conventional spray guns. With LVLP gun, you can spray the paint in the most convenient manner. Here are more paint spraying equipment you might also need.

Here is how you can paint a car with a LVLP Gun:

  1. Preparing the Place:First things first, you must prepare the entire place before starting the project. Everything needs to be covered with sheeting or coverings. Then, proper ventilation must be in place in the garage. Ventilation is utmost necessary when you work with paints and wear mask. Dust is also a great danger and enemy of the finishing of the painting. So, entire garage must be cleaned and mopped properly.
  2. Preparing the Car:It is ideal to divide the car into different areas. You may cover each area one at a time, and paint each layer three times to bring about the high-gloss and immaculate finish.
  • Painting Techniques: It is the best painting techniques that produce the best results. If you are a novice beginner, you must practice a lot before opting to paint your own car. If you are good at painting, you must remember these little tips. These help in bringing the best finish on the car.

– What Is The Best LVLP Spray Gun?

LVLP Spray Guns are the best choices to make. Following are some of the best characteristics of the LVLP Spray Gun. If a LVLP spray gun has these qualities, it qualifies as the best LVLP Spray Gun:

  1. Best-Quality Finishes:It must be remembered that the best LVLP Spray Gun is the one that produces premium-quality finishes. You may test the LVLP spray gun, and then pay for it. It should produce efficient and smoother results on woods, autos or in any industrial application.
  2. Good Adjustable Pressure: Each spray gun has an adjustable pressure knob. You may like to check the swiftness and reliability of the knob of the adjustable pressure. It should work finely.
  • Sturdy and Metal Material: LVLP Spray Gun must have a metal body. Metal body would ensure the durability and longevity of the product. Metal is the value for the money you pay.
  1. Wide Range of Projects: LVLP Spray Gun must be capable of covering varied types of projects such as automotive, painting, woodwork, industrial applications, DIY projects, professional projects etc. Wide range of projects will not only increase your monthly income but also the chances to cover many projects due to outstanding jobs done and referrals.
  2. Maximum Pressure: A LVLP Spray Gun must have a working PSI of 30-45, but should attain maximum 60 PSI for supreme efficient spraying.
  3. Air-Control System: The spray gun must also offer you with effective air control system. An effective air control system would allow you to control you paint in the most effective manner.
  • Lightweight and Portable: The spray gun must not be too heavy or bulky. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to move and hold the spray gun for longer times. The LVLP Spray Gun must have a handle which adds a good element of easy portability in it.
  • Clogging:The spray gun must have a mechanism that prevents clogging.
  1. Easy Cleaning: The Spray Gun must also be easy to clean. It should also have accessories that increases ease of the cleaning. If the spray gun has detachable parts, it would be super then.
  2. Easily Available Parts: Different parts of the LVLP Spray Gun must be available in the market. Otherwise, your spray gun would never be fixed if broken or disrupted somehow.

– What Is A LVLP Spray Gun?

A LVLP Spray gun is a Low-Volume-Low-Pressure Spray Gun. The LVLP spay gun works at low pressure – as low as 10 PSI. LVLP Units are inexpensive solutions for your painting. LVLP spray guns allow you to achieve higher results and premium-quality professional finishes without having to use any expensive equipment. So, the LVLP Spray Gun is the best painting spray gun for DIY enthusiasts and professionals also.

– Can I Use Spray Gun For Primer?

Let us assume that your primer selection (Let’s say water-based, oil and water-purpose) goes well with the paint. The paint is also thinner, then you can use spray gun for painting the primer. You must go for premium-quality and best prime sprayer that allows you to finish your projects without any hardships and hiccups. If you choose an inexpensive spray gun for the primer, you will unnecessarily cause yourself to undergo undue stress and complications.

It is a rule of thumb that: heavy-bodied or primer surfaces must be painted with the nozzle sizes of the 1.7 to 2.2. The basecoats must only be sprayed with the 1.4. To 1.6. Nozzle, while clear-coats must only be sprayed with the 1.3. To 1.7. Nozzle. So, you can most definitely use spray gun for primer.

Conclusion:LVLP Spray Gun is one of the most inexpensive, premium-quality and incredible solution for the DIY enthusiasts and professionals also. With LVLP Spray Gun, the painter achieves the most efficient and high-glossy results with each coat. LVLP Spray Gun also causes less-waste and less-overspray than HVLP and Conventional Spray Gun.