Something Antique, Something Modern

Imagine yourself inside a big Victorian mansion with high medallion ceilings, chandeliers, figurines and ceramics, tall vases with wild lilacs on them, the scent of lavender and mint, and the soft mellow piano sound of “Fur Elise” by Beethoven. Everything has a touch of flowers, fleur-de-lis decorative design, luxurious tapestries and furnishings, vibrant colors, and nostalgic pictures.

You’re not in any castles in Europe near the hills or far away valleys. You’re in the suburbs living in a modern house in the city where everyone and everything leads a fast-paced life. Other calls it the “grand millennial” but the combination of the classical and modern design creates a chic ambiance that it became the rage at present.

Yuppies and middle-class people prefer this ambiance because they’re fascinated with anything classic – an antique atmosphere less the boring part. Surprisingly, the new millennials are also fascinated by betting online since technology invaded the gambling world as well. They declared that it also helps them relax but because of their busy as a bee lifestyle, betting at real money casino is welcome. Classical music which was composed by Vivaldi, Chopin, and Beethoven became the trend that some of them are learning to play the piano and thus piano has become an essential part of the essential fixture in a modern house.

The difference between antique and vintage

Many people may have misconceptions about vintage and antique and were often thought of as similar. Anything that is more than twenty years old but less than a hundred years old is what we call vintage. Anything more than one hundred years old is antique.

What are the antiquities and decorations that are popular at present?

Social media plays a vital role to the majority of people and popular online stores especially the one that has physical stores that sell Victorian ceramics and antique-inspired figurines made with resins. It looks so chic yet elegant that it usually sells like hotcakes. Here are the lists of antique trends that are in demand to modern homes:

1. Royal Doulton Tableware and ceramics

Many people go bananas with these tablewares and the fascinating part here is people don’t care about the price. Even men are a fan of these items that it is now in demand in the market.

Royal Doulton is world-class British tableware dating back to 1815 and is considered a distributor of utensils, glassware, and tablewares to the palace since 1901. Any Royal Doulton is indeed perfect for any occasion because of its elegance and a simple dish will become a standout.

2. Midcentury Modern items

Vintage kitchenware is one of the popular items these days also. Those charming canisters where you’re grandmother used to put cookies or tea with colorful figures embossed such as sunflower outside the canister. Who would ever forget the ever durable cookware? How about the transparent, turquoise-colored salad mixing bowl? It sure does bring back beautiful memories. A beautiful vintage canister candy jar is perfect at the center table in a living room on top of a delightful handmade crochet mantelpiece.

3. Antique Paintings

People these days young and old have a deep passion for art-especially antique paintings. Urbex (Urban Explorers) usually feature old mansions or palaces that have been abandoned and forgotten for fifty or a hundred years. These beautiful paintings that have been forgotten by time would be shown to the world and many people would do everything just to get hold of any antique paintings. Still, objects and people are the most popular.

4. Collectible Items

Another fashion that is coming back is the retro. Binoculars in the ’70s, cameras with detachable flash, long-play records, and cassette tapes. These are collector’s items usually by men. Some LPs are displayed on the wall next to their big, wall-mounted smart television. A juxtapose of the good old retro and android age.

5. Vintage coasters

Vintage coasters in the 20th century are not the typical ones that we have now. They have character. A set of coasters represent something and each piece is unique from the other. The 70’s bar coaster is somewhat flashy, rich in color and others are psychedelic. It is indeed wonderful if your coaster is from the hippie ’60s of bohemian circles topped with an insulated big mug.

Final Insight

It is fun to mix antique and modern furniture because it is a beautiful blend of the old and new in your house. A vintage industrial wooden lamp would definitely complete the ambiance in your home. Creative imagination is the key.