Smart Ways to Keep Your Bedroom Clean And Clutter-free

The constant relief from a day of being stressed at work or with so many errands in our daily lives is finally getting to sleep and rest. The only thing that could ruin this sweet escape to relax physically [and mentally] is a cluttered and untidy bedroom.

We all had busy days and busy nights, even busy weekends when we often do not have the time to simply declutter and organize the stuff in our personal space. Laundry on the floor, bills scattered elsewhere, and maintaining a clean and neat bedroom are often hard and challenging.

Yet, there is an undisputed correlation between your personal sanctuary at home – your bedroom – and your state of mind. A messy bedroom gives you negative outlooks and impressions of things. It even distracts you from doing the important tasks you need to accomplish. To have a positive ambiance and a peaceful mind, decluttering your bedroom is key.

Tips and Tricks to Achieve a Clutter-Free Bedroom

Organized Personal Space

You’re now up for the biggest declutter challenge! Consider the following decluttering tips and try to apply them in your personal space at home.

1. Invest in bins and baskets

We all abound in teensy stuff [even mementos] that are important in our daily lives. While we need to use these things day by day, this clutter contributes a lot to the big mess in the room. Having bins and baskets to store these items away, while having a constant grip on where they have been placed is a total lifesaver. To keep the room clean, you can label these or arrange them neatly stacked where they are needed. Keeping these bins and organizers neatly lined up is one of the good space saving hacks to consider.

2. Try on a tray

One artsy way is trying to have decorative boxes and trays placed on top of your bedside tables. Just make sure to use storage containers appropriately – don’t use this to place banana peels or coffee cups as it won’t serve its purpose of helping you achieve a clutter-free bedroom.

3. Keep tops of the dresser, chest of drawers, nightstand clutter-free

It is easy to just place everyday staples on top of our bedside tables or inside the bookshelf. Furniture surfaces should not be considered quasi-storage areas. One of the downsides of placing too much clutter atop furniture surfaces is that it makes it harder for you to dust at least once a week. A dusty room is not healthy to stay in so you might want to keep the room clean to shoo the sneeze away.

4. Make your bed first thing in the morning

Fixing your bed before starting the day sets the mood toward cleanliness and orderliness. It helps you set the day off right. It takes less than just three minutes to fix the bed and the room will instantly become better and neater! More so, making your bed actually has a compelling effect on you to keep the room clean and more organized.

5. Strictly no clothes on the floor

Keeping Your Bedroom Clean and Neat

This has got to be one of the hardest to follow, but if you want a clutter-free bedroom, you must stick to this rule: no clothes and socks and belts on the floor. This is one of the major space saving hacks since most of the time, there arises a designated area for the dirty clothes on the floor – smelly and spacious altogether.

Tip: You can put a hamper in your bedroom, or in the bathroom if that is where you change clothes. Toss your dirty clothes in the hamper and the room will look better at the end of the day.

6. Organize your clothes

Speaking of clothes, we are not only mindful of the dirty ones, often, but clothes that are fresh from the laundry are also piled up in a corner waiting to be placed appropriately in the dresser.

According to Vicky Silverthorn, a professional organizer, “An organized wardrobe is key to getting out [of] the door quickly.”

Make time to declutter your sock and underwear drawers. The same goes for your wardrobe – let go of those that you think you won’t really wear. To add up to our space saving hacks, you can try keeping off-season clothes in a separate bin or storage so that they don’t mess with this season’s closet staples. Not only did you save up space, but you also managed to keep the room clean and avoid messing with your closet the next time you look for cute outfits. You can give to friends or donate those clothes that you no longer use.

7. Remove unnecessary furniture

If you’re still looking for space saving hacks, you might actually want to get rid of furniture pieces that you don’t use in your bedroom. To achieve a clutter-free bedroom, you must consider having only decorative furniture that adds value to your lifestyle and activities in your personal space.

8. Fix up your drawers and get rid of broken items

Sort through everything inside your bins and drawers. Identify those that you do not use. There may be empty cereal boxes inside one of your storage items waiting to be disposed of.

Reorganize your stuff and look for items that you don’t actually need anymore. There are things that are already broken or not functional. To keep the room clean, throwing away items that don’t add value to your bedroom won’t hurt.

9. Invest in a side table

Stay stylish and organized by having a classy side table inside your bedroom. This does not violate your space saving hacks but actually helps you organize your stuff when you place a tray atop.

10. Compile digital debris

Yes, we’re in the digital age and we have a lot of digital wires and cords. Toss these into label bags neatly and put a label on them. Stack them inside a file box or an office shelf to keep the room clean and cord-free!

At the end of the day, the ultimate hack to keep a clutter-free bedroom is decluttering daily and maintaining the discipline to constantly follow through with your “self-imposed rules”.