Bedroom Furniture

Tips for decorating a small master bedroom

Decorating a master bedroom which is small does not mean you have to skimp on color, style or comfort. Your small bedroom can be as elegant as a huge bedroom when you use the space wisely . Planning ahead and use all the space available will allow you to take advantage of the room, rather than the small space stifle your style.

Paint the walls or use wallpaper colors or patterns that give the illusion of more space role. Lighter colors such as beige , the golden yellow or pastel colors can make the room seem larger. Use cool colors, such as light blue, which can make the walls feel more distant (like when you look at the sky that seems to go on forever). Paint one wall a darker color if you want to create a focal point. This gives the illusion of depth, which will make the room look bigger too. Leave the white ceiling or paint it two or three shades lighter than the walls. This causes the ceiling appear to be farther away. Large stripes can also make the room appear larger. The vertical stripes give the illusion of height, while horizontal give the illusion of depth. Avoid very intricate patterns, and they create a chaotic environment.

decorating a small master bedroom

The furniture bulky overwhelm a small bedroom as well as adding too much furniture . Remove any furniture that is not necessary or does not fit into the room. Use a double bed or queen size bed instead of a king bed if possible. A sleigh a barred or double bed headboard unnecessarily take up much space. Instead, opt for a simple header. The straight lines in the furnishings take up less visual space than furniture with carved figures. Use a small chest and bedside table or other furniture that have storage space. Install floating shelves on either side of the bed if you want more storage space. The furniture that does double duty, such as a TV cabinet that hides and keeps clothes is a smart to a small space in the master bedroom solution. The furniture in light, white glass shades seem to take up less space than dark.

Use spaces to store your clothes, bedding or your personal belongings. You can place a bench or an ottoman with hidden at the foot of the bed storage, so you have a place to sit and one for storage. Use open shelves for decorative containers or baskets to store jewelry, cosmetics or other small items. Use the wardrobe for comfortable, containers or other furniture storage, if possible. Another alternative is to store out of season clothing or other bulky items in the attic, garage or elsewhere. Clutter in a room will only make it look even smaller, which prevents your bedroom feel like your private space. Use the space under the bed for storing clothing, books, magazines or toys for your children.


Allows natural light to enter the room, as this will expand the visual space. Avoid heavy curtains that visually reduce the size of the room. Use blinds or simple curtains if possible. Install anti-light blocking blinds if you need natural light to sleep and open them to let in the sun when you wake up. A fine lamp on the bedside table or next to a small reading chair will provide the necessary light for reading or other activities. Avoid large chandeliers or lamps as they are too much for a small room. Put at least one dim lamp in a switch to fill your bedroom a romantic atmosphere when the time is right.


Decorate with accessories such as scented candles, indoor plants, decorative vases or boxes with colorful frames. Try placing a few accessories to avoid overloading the small space. Place your photo or piece of art above the bed to create a focal point that is not in a useful area. Choose Single bed clothes instead of bulky, which occupies more space. A pattern quilt and a couple of cushions give personality to the room without overloading. Surround yourself with colors, smells and objects that make you feel at peace.