Living Room Design

Small living room decorating ideas

The open design concepts are common in homes today, but that has not always been so. Many older homes had separate until the iconic designs of architect Frank Lloyd Wright promoted the idea that a room will continue to the next room. Decorate these great spaces is a challenge, but you can do it by learning some simple design techniques.


A key decor kitchen and living room is open successfully visually link the two areas with color . That does not mean you have to paint all the walls the same color, but working with one color palette so you use colors that complement. For example, if you’re looking for a Tuscan feel, working with earth tones, perhaps painted sage green kitchen and living room of burnished gold. Highlight both rooms with accessories that do echo those colors and shades that accentuate the style. The floors, cabinets and counter top also join rooms with color.

Small living room decorating ideas

Keep the same type of soil around the space instead of breaking it in two different coatings. If that is not possible, make sure that both areas are similar colored floor. Choose kitchen cabinets that complement the mold frames and windows in the living room, and make sure that the counter is in the same tone of colors.


In an open plan floors, the furniture that you choose should reflect the same style throughout. If you have a rustic kitchen, not adorn your living room with elegant and modern pieces. Make sure your furniture will look as good in the part back and the front. Because there is not much wall space in this configuration, your couch usually float in one place instead of being against a wall, so that all parts will be. Use your furniture to subtly define the space. Establishes a conversation area in front of a fireplace, making it the focal point. Sidewalks snuggles against a kitchen island or bar counter with his back to the living room. Make use of open shelving and screens to indicate separate areas.

Architectural Features

Boost the rooms to flow together using the same architectural elements in both. If your kitchen has ceiling beams, including beams in your living room. Paint or stain all the moldings and trim work of the same color in both rooms. If the living room has crown molding, reflect that in your kitchen cabinets. Choose window of the same style in both rooms. If the living room has windows divided into small panels guillotine, the kitchen should be the same. It uses the same wrapping coating both the chimney wall to the back of the kitchen.