How to build a small bar off the kitchen

Build a small bar off the kitchen is a great way to free up space. If agasajas regularly, build a small bar off the kitchen cooking release. However, before building a bar, there are some considerations to be made on what type of bar you are building.


Consider your needs. You need a bar that allows guests access to what they need to get drinks for themselves in front of a bar, or a bar that allows a bartender or host easily make drinks from behind the bar. If you plan making drinks guests will not need space behind the bar, but if you want a bartender, you will need storage space and behind the bar.


Decide whether you want to install a bar or buy a bar that can be removed. Install a bar may be more expensive depending on the materials you use, but you can add value to a home and may be worth the expense. However, if you are renting, build a bar that you can not take with you probably will not be worth the cost and what you may not allow the owner.


Think what you will use the bar. If you drink it or serve predominantly wine refrigerators need an appropriate storage and wine. If you commonly drink it or serve drinks with spirits like vodka, gin or whiskey, you need shelves for easy access and display of the bottles. You will also need adequate space for things like mixers, agitators, ornaments and different types of glasses if regularly will prepare cocktails.

Decide what type of material you use to build the bar based on the style of your home decor and cost. A dark wood bar will combine well with traditional furniture, a bar glass lid, metal or laminated stay with modern furniture, and a natural stone bar or treated work well with transitional decor styles.

Measure the area where you want to set the bar and decides whether to include bar stools. The stools need about 2 inches (10 centimeters) margin in front of the bar. If you’re placing the bar in a small area, you may need to dispense with bar stools and guide towards making drinks that can be served in another area. Most of the small bars are of 3 to 4 feet (91.5 to 122 cm) long. The standard height of a bar is 36 to 42 inches (91.5 to 106.5 cm) with a width at the height of 12 inches (30.5 centimeters) or more.

Make a sketch with measures to carry or use a builder when buying a rod and fabricated. Not have to include decisions on the drawing style, but the angles and general sizes are needed for construction or to find the correct bar.

Contact a local carpenter or a general contractor for a quote and more information about building the rod out of your kitchen. Ask them to draw an accurate sketch with measurements along with its construction cost budget. Find quotes from several companies and ask where you can see samples of their work.