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Furniture ideas for small apartments

One of the great challenges of moving to a small apartment is to find furniture that not cluttering the limited space. As you are looking for furniture that fit your small apartment, have the measurements of each room by hand. Ask for recommendations to vendors, many stores have sections devoted to furniture for small spaces.

small apartments

Furniture with two purposes
When space is precious, each piece must be as helpful as possible. Find furniture that can be used for more than one purpose, such as a kitchen island that serves as a table, or a sofa that becomes a sofa bed.

In a small apartment, storage is valuable. Find furniture with hidden storage place, as tea tables with shelves below, or ottomans that open to reveal a storage bin. Buy cabinets that go under the bed to take advantage of the room space and use dividers hanging or a lower frame to increase the capacity of the cabinet.

Furniture for guests
If you want your guests spend the night in a small apartment, the furniture you choose can have a big impact on your comfort. Choose a sofa that turns into a bed or a sofa width where comfortable sleep. Be sure to sleep on the couch (or sofa) before purchasing to ensure that your guests will rest.

Furniture transform
For really small apartments, bed or even a tea table can mean much space So consider using furniture that can transform into other furniture. The Wall folding beds are an elegant version of the simple folding beds that look like part of the wall or cabinets during the day and down to make a bed at night.

Smaller versions
When you furnish a small apartment, consider buying furniture small versions of traditional . Instead of a huge entertainment center, choose a small TV cabinet. Instead of a dining room table full size, buy a table for two. The TVs take up much space, if you can afford it, buy a version of screen TVs to hang on the wall.

A small apartment may not have room for a king sized bed regularly . Choose a single or, if that is important to you, buy a large bed and deal with little room to move.

To increase lighting without a place for a table, use pedestal lamps placed in a corner or hang them above a sofa.

Wall Space
If you can not put a bookcase in your apartment, use wall mounted shelves to place books. Otherwise, choose a desk or table that has a bottom that you can use to store.