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Six Steps to Get the Best Bodyguard

”I have the Midas touch, in the way that when I hook up with a project, I feel, not speaking cocky or conceited, but there’s a confidence I have. I learned that from Muhammad Ali; I used to bodyguard him. He taught me about confidence. So when it comes to any job I work, I’m gonna do it good; I’m going to bring it over the top.” – Mr. T

An important role in the security aspect of protecting property can be played by security guards. They serve in a variety of capacities and perform various functions, such as promoting the company’s image, keeping the peace and protecting others. Their importance and the potential risks they can face often remain undervalued, but everyone should know that more crime could easily take place without them.


Instead, a bodyguard’s role might involve protecting political figures, wealthy people, celebrities or various professionals. The role of the bodyguard is to protect clients from imminent dangers, threats, and possible kidnapping. Their training depends on the particular type of work, for instance, the bodyguard could be armed or dressed in street clothes.

Here are six steps to get the best bodyguard:

Step 1: Choose an agency with a reputation

You should be very careful to go with a company that has a reputation to protect, because those companies, that have been around for a long time, have been able to succeed due to glowing customer testimonials. Also, if you are involved in a lot of traveling, for instance, you will need a bodyguard firm with communication gadgets to help communicate during your trip.

Step 2: Ask for references

When looking for a bodyguard, you should ask the agency for references of past clients. But, pay attention, you don’t always have to call the biggest client on the list to find out how well the bodyguards perform.

Step 3: Look on the Internet 

You should learn the name of the required license for “Bodyguard” or “Personal Protection Officer” or something closely related. The candidates will need this license in order to work for you. That said, do not assume that a “Bodyguard” license from any state is in and of itself a good indicator of their abilities. The majority of states have no requirements other than a Concealed Handgun License, a few have very stringent training requirements and the rest have appallingly low training requirements that meet no professionally recognized minimum training standards.

Step 4: Do not choose looking on his muscle

You really shouldn’t just go with the bodyguard with the most muscle. While it’s beneficial to have protection that has a physical presence you also need to make sure the bodyguard has industry experience and knows how to react to situations assertively.

Step 5: Training and selection procedures

When dealing with an agency, make sure to ask about their training and selection procedures. What will make the bodyguards suitable for the type of security you’ll need. Make sure to confirm that drug testing and criminal background checks are performed.Other than the organization just working professionally, you will also be assured of highly trained bodyguards. People who know how to handle weapons and you in case of any eventualities hence making your cover more authentic. You will be working with professionals who know what they ought to do and know how to do it.

Step 6: Say Hello!

Bodyguard2Meeting the bodyguard or bodyguard team can be beneficial in seeing if there is rapport and chemistry. While not the most important thing, having a bodyguard who you can get along with can make your day less stress full, and sometimes your instinct can help you here.

Staying safe should always be your priority when you are thinking of choosing a security firm. You will need more than your expensive car or solid iron gates to stay a step ahead of the dangers of this century. Balancing between screen and cost will therefore allow you to get the best deal. Making the move whenever you feel you need it. However, if you chose to wait for long, it might end up being a disaster.