Six Kids Birthday Party Themes

Often, I like to think of life in stages of five. That is every five years. From one to five, your kid is a happy toddler, from six to ten, a fully-fledged child who begins to explore, from eleven to ten, they are tweens spreading their wings, aptly ready for the world and firm sixteen to twenty, well, they go on to find their path. In the exploration stage, the birthday parties have to be memorable. In this article, I would highlight Six Kids Birthday Party Themes. By the way, check here for your kids parties Brisbane.

Six Kids Birthday Party Themes.

Either the party is for a boy or a lovely girl, these six carefully selected birthday themes are sure to be etched into their tender memories for years to come.

Birthday Party Themes for Girls.

  • Adorable Princess; every little girl has princess fantasies from the famous Cinderella to Aurora, Belle, or even many independent princesses like Mulan. This birthday party theme has been an all-time favorite and I do not see it going out of style soon. To pull the perfect princess-themed birthday party, here are a couple of things to do and you could always work them out according to your budget.
  • Find out the princes your girl finds peculiar
  • Get a princess themed cake
  • Get a princess dress and instruct her friends do the same
  • You have to throw a tea party
  • Get an interior decorator or simply purchase props and banners
  • Spicy Witch; if your daughter is on the path of magic, you could always throw her a witch-themed birthday party. To effectively pull this off, you would need;
  • Find out which witching character is peculiar to your girl
  • Get the dresses and instruct her friends do the same
  • Get a face painter
  • Set up your home like Halloween
  • A carved pumpkin cake and  potion pot for punch
  • Project Power; if your little girl shows off boss lad vibes right from childhood, well encourage her with an empowered woman birthday party highlighting any profession she is passionate about.

Birthday Party Themes for Boys.

  • Character Themed Birthday Party; your little boy has a penchant for action figure figurines, comic characters, or even cartoon characters. Sonic, paw patrol, Iron man, Batman, Spiderman, and whatever kind of man. A character-themed birthday party is simply perfect. To throw this;
  • Understand your kid’s favorite character
  • Get the costumes for him and of course, his friends
  • Set up a battle are (safe)
  • Purchase props and have an obstacle course
  • Get a character-themed Cake
  • Pirate Themed Birthday Party; ah-ohy matey! Transform your kid’s birthday party with a bunch of props, pirate dresses, and the signature eye patch and make it better? A parrot! Trust me, with this, you’ve simply hit the X (marks the spot) of all boy-themed birthday parties. To throw this, all you would require include;
  • A carefully planned-out venue. (preferably a backyard transformed by a few props and banners)
  • A tattoo artist(temporary of course)
  • A treasure hunt
  • A treasure box cake
  • Hot Wheels; even kids are fascinated by wheels probably because they see the need for speed. A wheeled themed birthday party held outdoors is another form of memorable birthday party to throw for your little champ. The budget for this varies depending on how outgoing you are willing to be. However, for this, you would simply require;
  • Any wheeled thing; scooters, bicycles, a mini car, tricycles, roller skates, skateboards etc.
  • An obstacle course
  • A wheeled cake
  • A fun moderator.


One of your kid’s childhood memories would be individual birthdays, help your child retain the best by materializing one of the birthday themes above!