Simple Hacks of Becoming a Better Cook

Everyone can be a good cook provided they’re willing to put in the work. Even the greatest cooks will tell you that it all started with a passion to be better. If you’re just starting out or you have a passion for cooking, there are some hacks that will come in handy that could elevate your skills to another level. You should take every opportunity to learn and improve your skills. Here are some hacks that can make you a better cook provided you’re willing to put in the work. Ask a professional if you need to learn more about chef apprenticeship.

Get the Right Equipment

You can’t take your skills to another level when you’re still struggling with equipment. If you want to take it seriously, it is only fair that you also have the right equipment. There are some essential pots that you should be having in your kitchen. You should have a chopping board for meat and fruit. Having a big board could save you space. You’re able to do everything from one location.

Organize Your Kitchen

Having a chaotic kitchen could get in the way of the creative process. Cooking is an art and you need to be inspired in order to come up with some amazing stuff. The kitchen should be clutter-free. Everything should be properly arranged. You should keep the stuff that you use frequently easily accessible so that you’re not wasting time when it comes to cooking. You might not have a lot of flexibility when you have a small kitchen but you can still make sure that space is well organized so that you’re having a blast whenever you’re cooking.

Shop Smart

One of the most effective ways of ensuring that you have something to eat every other night is by shopping smart. You’ll not have to make frequent visits to the grocery store because you have everything under control. This will mean having some organization of sorts in your refrigerator. You can compartmentalize everything into sections so that you know what and where you’re supposed to be getting any time that you open the fridge.

Leverage the Power of Herbs and Spices

Not a lot of people take advantage of the transformative power of herbs and spices when it comes to adding rich flavors to food. Herbs and spices can improve the taste of food. You can try out different spices depending on the kind of food that you’ll be preparing. You should have different varieties of dried herbs and spices close to your workspace so that you know what needs to be added when preparing any kind of food.

Read the Recipe

It is easy to assume that you don’t need the recipe because you’re familiar with the preparation process. Not all recipes are arranged the same. There are some that will require that you read till the end to have an idea of what is expected with ingredients and the preparation process. For an Instant Pot cake, there will not be a lot of requirements but you’re still expected to read the full recipe so that you’re not skipping any step. It should be noted the commas in the ingredient sections matter a lot.

Cooking Like a Pro

If you’ve been watching a couple of cooking shows then you’re aware the ingredients are always prepared beforehand. Everything is in place and the only thing that is remaining is the cooking. You can borrow this principle and apply it to your home cooking. It will make cooking more enjoyable and less stressful.

Faster Chopping

It could be the dull knives in the kitchen that are slowing down your progress when doing your thing. There are hand-held knife sharpeners that can make a tremendous difference with the functioning of the knives in the kitchen. You should also have different knives for different purposes. The knife for chopping meat should be different from the one that is used to chop fruits.

Have a Well-stocked Pantry

When you’re out shopping, you should have the status of the pantry in mind. You don’t want to have an empty pantry when you cook a lot. This means having to go out whenever something is missing which shouldn’t be the case.


To become a good cook, you should put in the effort. Mistakes are bound to be made but that shouldn’t stop you on your quest to becoming a good cook. We hope some of the tips highlighted will be helpful if you’re looking to improve your cooking skills.