Shower Remodel Ideas On A Budget

When you come to think of shower remodel ideas on a budget, it may seem impossible and far from reality. But it is attainable. While most home remodeling projects have made many people think that bathroom remodels must cost you a lot of money, the opposite is happening. There are many economical alternatives to turn the look of your bathroom that you can choose from. If the first factor you consider is working on a budget, here are some ideas for you.

Use lower-cost materials

Retaining the existing materials is the best way to save money when remodeling your bathroom. But if you must swap the materials, consider going for the more affordable ones, which will still give the same appearance as the most expensive ones. For instance, instead of going for plank flooring, go for luxury vinyl flooring.


Maybe you are considering ripping off your wooden floor and replacing it with a moisture-hardy flooring material such as tiles. But if you want to work on a budget and save time, money, and energy, try painting it with protective enamel. It will keep them better and improve their appearance.

Buy used material

You can save a lot of money on fixtures, toilets, and showers by purchasing used material rather than the new and expensive ones. Do your homework, visit sites like eBay and Craigslist that sell these used materials. They actually look new and not so old. You can also look for these bathroom accessories on Etsy. You will always find some creative accessories made by different artists and lower prices to remodel your bathroom.

Go green

When remodeling your bathroom, redesign it while keeping in mind the idea of conservation. Low-flow accessories will not just help you conserve water in your home but will also reduce the cost significantly. Also, go for accessories that consume less energy.

Save on countertops

When you want to save on countertops, go for the granite countertops. However, avoid the neutral, solid colors that are popular such as brown, tan, and light beige. These colors are more expensive due to their popularity. Instead, go for a wider range of other colors. You will save money.

Refresh your cabinets with new hardware

Instead of buying expensive cabinets to replace the old ones, you can refresh the existing ones by adding new hardware. Before purchasing the new hardware, ensure the screw alignment matches the existing holes on the cabinet. This will give you an easier time since you will not need to drill new holes.

Thinking of remodeling your bathroom on a budget?

Capitol Bathroom Remodel Pros can help you keep your budget low but still have an impressive remodeling outcome for your bathroom. We can help you choose the most affordable yet best materials for your bathroom. We also strive to keep the remodeling cost as low as possible while serving you.  Alternatively, if you decide to do the remodel yourself a custom shower pan can really help.