Creative Ways to Shorten Long Curtains

There are windows of all shapes and sizes, but the decorations sold in the store seem to be more standardized in size. This means that sometimes the curtains are usually very long for the window . Few people who want to try to make a hem curtains to have the length correct. This is where comes into play a little creativity.

Insurance and accounts.
Although the idea of using safety pins in the hem of a curtain can be somewhat rare, actually makes you look glamorous with the addition of seed grains. The first thing you need to do is to use insurance for hemming curtains to a length correct. Then use them sure that you placed in vertical line through the hem of the curtain.


Spend the insurance through the back of the curtain, then spends four or five seed beads on the piece sticking through the curtain. Glue the back through the fabric and closes insurance. Glue the back through the fabric and close the pin. This adds a designer to treat the curtain.


A ruched curtain
You can shorten your curtains using a channeling technique, giving an inflated bottom effect. Decide how long you want your curtain and mark 3 inches above the measure. Use to baste a strong five or six vertical lines spread across along the bottom of the curtain wire. Let loose threads leaving basted lines at the top and bottom of the curtain. After you’ve basted these lines, stretching the strings and tie, making sure each section has the same measurements. This will shorten the curtain and a ribbed effect.
Raise the curtain rod
You can avoid doing any sewing just lift the curtain rod. The curtain rod need not be installed directly above the window . If your shade is 6 inches to 1 foot long, only raises the curtain rod the same amount of inches, there is always room above the window . You can prevent the curtain hanging on the floor while lifting slightly while you make your windows look much longer.