Short Term Rental Homes: Benefits and Tips for Finding a Short Term Rental

Settling into a new city or hunting for an apartment can prove very challenging. It is common to travel for a vacation, visit, or an event in a town you don’t own an apartment, and finding temporary housing becomes a significant concern.

Fortunately, short-term rentals provide an option for locating temporary housing while searching for a permanent apartment, on a visit, on vacation or when you’re new to a city.

What Are Short Term Rental Homes?

An apartment that’s rented for a duration of fewer than twelve months is a short term rental. The usual lease lengths are six or three months for short-term rentals, although the month-to-month house rentals offer shorter lease terms.

Short term rentals provide more flexible accommodations to renters in opposition to the stable long term lease. However, short term rentals are more expensive than long term leases.

Advantages of Short Term Property Rentals

Explore a New Area

When moving to a new place, it is vital to explore the area and know it before committing to a home long-term. A short term rental provides a suitable housing option and allows you to apply for jobs and attend the interview in person.


A short term rental offers the flexibility you desire and free renters from a long term lease commitment. When you’re renting a place to live for some time, you may have to compromise on some amenities to make the search simple.

Change Terms

The terms of a short-term lease can easily change if there’s a need to update the security deposit terms or pet policy. The landlord and the tenant have to sign a new lease.

Furnished Apartment

Among the pros of a short term rental is that it often comes furnished. A furnished apartment will save you from moving furniture when packing in and moving out of a place.

Is a Short Term Property Rental Right for You?

A short term rental allows you to stay in a new city and explore the city without making any commitment long-term.

Besides, students who desire to stay near campus when attending a university outside their home can search for temporary housing that fits their academic schedule.

A short-term rental could be an ideal choice whether you fall into the above category or not if you want temporal housing and have sufficient funds to cover the price.

Tips for Finding Short Term Rental Homes

Below are practical tips that’ll help you in searching for short term housing.

Check the Available Options

In finding a temporary housing option, you can begin with a search for “short-term rental homes” in a specific area on the internet, and some types of properties will appear.

You could also search for “month to month house rentals,” “furnished apartments,” or “Airbnb long term rentals.” The property types that’ll appear in the search include short term property rentals, sublets, and corporate housing.

Short Term Property Rentals

The short term rentals are apartments that are rentable with flexible agreement terms. Most short term rentals charge more for shorter periods and less monthly for a longer time.


Subletting is taking over a rented property for a specific time from an existing tenant. In some cases of subletting, the tenant’s landlord is required to give his approval. Finding a subletting option that sits well with you depends on the rental market range in an area.

Corporate Housing

The corporate housing option is similar to short term rentals. It provides traveling business professionals a temporal home.

Decide on Basic Amenities

In finding a short term rental, it is essential to decide on the basic amenities an apartment needs and calculate the amount you’re willing to spend on it. It is preferable to rent a furnished apartment than to pay for moving furniture when you’ll stay for a short time at a place.

Research on the Legal Status of the Place

Before renting an apartment, research the local laws for short term rentals. Be sure the house you want to stay at is complying with the local laws—rentals of a whole-apartment for less than 30 days in New York City are illegal.

Consider the Duration of Your Stay

Another tip for finding a short term rental is considering how long you’ll stay there. When choosing between a week stay and a three months stay, the budget will be different.

An appealing option may turn up very expensive, depending on how long you’ll stay at the place. If you don’t find a suitable position while searching, expand your search to find nearest short term rental homes.

Plan for Your Belongings

Many short term rentals are furnished while some are not. If you need to bring your furniture into the apartment, you need to have the right storage choice. When getting in tour furniture, consider reducing the number of heavy objects you take to the rental.


When budgeting for a short term rental, in addition to the monthly rent, include things like general repairs, utilities, and parking during your stay. You may also pay for cleaning fees and a security deposit.

Sometimes, short-term rental homes are relatively expensive, so you understand the terms of the agreement and the total cost of expenditure before signing any contract.

Airbnb Long Term Rentals

On the Airbnb website, they’re various categories of which “monthly stay” is one. The monthly stay comprises a minimum of twenty-eight days. Guests book apartments or private homes through the Airbnb website.


Finding a short-term rental can prove challenging, so start searching early to secure the availability of a home for the period you want to move in to prevent any form of delay when moving. Also, take your search beyond the internet, call leasing managers for inquiries.

Many a time, the information available online is necessary and doesn’t offer the real deal pricing. Speak with somebody at the property to learn about the housing price and availability. Among the different short term housing types, you’ll indeed find one that’s an excellent fit for you.