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How to organize a shared kids bedroom

Organize a shared kids room consist of giving each of them a clean and tidy place to think, play and dream. Before embarking on the project , talk to the children. Ask them what they want for the space and how they see the operation of the space. Consider your individual interests and give both views on how the room will look and work. Ask for their help on the project and see how appropriate the place with pride.

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Separate space for both children

Clean all shelves, closets, dresser drawers, toy chests, each storage space available. Separate children’s belongings with a third stack to shared items. The goal is to create a space free of clutter, so purge and donate items you no longer want or use.

Room zoned so that each child has adequate space to sleep, play and study. Resist the temptation to create a physical barrier between them, but instead uses complementary colors to separate the space. Keep the amount of furniture in the room to a minimum if the feet square (meters square ) are scarce. Consider placing bunk beds to make use of vertical space.

Arrange the remaining belongings of the boys according to their use-sports equipment with sports equipment, books with books, art supplies, art supplies and provides adequate storage solutions for everyone. One by one, place the items in their proper place. The best way to help children learn to keep your things is to assign a specific place for each group. If you give a place for everything, guys do not have to guess. At this point, the expectations of how states will keep the new space.

Add hooks on the back door for jackets and backpacks. Hang additional shelves to make room for storing books, collections, trophies and other items. Use a toy box in the center of the room for easy access when playing and save. Testing storage containers placed under the bed to keep out of season clothes and toys less often.

Install a closet organization system to maximize space and accommodate the clothes and shoes of the two boys. If you share certain elements, let them be the easiest to access and then separates the rest according to each child.