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How to decorate a bedroom & shabby chic style

Create a bedroom & shabby chic style is an inexpensive way to decorate a space. Think neutral colors, wood, white furniture and rustic details that give a touch to the term “shabby chic”. This type of decoration can be used in the bedroom of a lady or a girl and in the guest bedroom.


Start with the walls. Paint the walls with a neutral shade. Shabby chic decorating style means to mix prints with neutral tones, adding feminine touches and rustic through the spaces. You can use a pale pink combined with a soft beige. Another idea is to create a wide vertical stripe design with two neutral colors such as white almond oil. Use masking tape to measure and painted to create the striped pattern on the walls. Each stripe should be a foot wide to achieve a sense of freshness and freedom.

how to decorate a bedroom


Use light-colored furniture. In this style of decoration, not all furniture should match. To be consistent with the style, look for white or light colors. It is best to use solid wood but wicker and Formica are also a good option. If you’re going to paint the walls, you can add color to furniture with metallic tones adding details using spray paint. Do not use shiny metallic shades, as this texture is not part of the shabby chic style decor. Pinta formica furniture for the rustic touch. To do this, use a primary color as a base and then painted with a light color like ivory. The paint will deteriorate, as this type of material is not as resistant as solid wood painting, and this will form rustic areas in the corners of the furniture.
Opt for feminine bedding. The bedding, curtains for windows or the cushions of the chairs should have a feminine touch. The colors you can use to achieve the shabby chic style are pale pink, peach, light green, olive green, beige and cream. The bedding and pillow cases must be solid and cushions and bedspreads should be stamped. The patterns you use in the decoration should not match, but should coordinate and be in the same range of colors.

Add touches personal . In the shabby chic style touches personal must have an organic touch. Place family photos or vacation on wooden frames. Decorate with shells (real or artificial) shelves and bedside table or place flowers in a ceramic base (real or artificial). Some options are cherry blossoms, willows and peonies.