Set up Your Dining Table Modern Style

What’s a nice party trick besides good food, fun activities and great music? A beautiful dining table setting. There’s just something special about a dining table set exactly for the occasion. It’s also an opportunity to show off your style and creativity to your guests.

If you’re a modernistic individual and you love subtle shapes, neutral colors and simplistic designs, it’s best for you to set up your dining table that way.

Here are some tips on how to set up your dining table modern style:

1. Opt for streamlined dinnerware

1. Opt for streamlined dinnerware

You can never go wrong with something basic and simple. In a modern-style dining setting, there’s little to no visual clutter. Ornamental designs usually found in your grandmother’s china as well as too much color and pattern in one plate are off-limits if you want to look modern.

One way to achieve modern style this is to keep colors neutral. However, a few pops of color can be very helpful to keep the dining set interesting. Plain white dishes are your go-to companion for a modern-style table setting. Food looks more elegant and appetizing on a white background. Plus, it can match anything. It maintains a cohesive look and lets food and décor take the center stage. There are different shades of white, so it depends on your preference. Shades of other colors close to white looks good too.

Pair your simple dinnerware with fuss-free water glasses and stem-less wine glasses for a modern touch. Keep a simple, streamlined pitcher nearby for easy refill.

2. Vary texture and finishes, and don’t be afraid to add a little touch of pattern

A neutral dining setting can look flat if you do not incorporate various textures and finishes. For instance, you can opt for a simple white porcelain dish, but you can pair it with a textured bowl, glass with hobnail design, and a stainless steel flatware sets with a gold metal finish for a luxurious effect. You can also achieve texture with your choice of a napkin.

Minimal patterns can also add interest without looking chaotic. You can choose dinnerware, napkins or accessories with patterns like thin stripes or geometric shapes for a modern effect. Your tablecloth or placemat may have a pattern, but keep it subdued. 

3. Keep accessories minimal

Accessories for a modern table setting must be kept to a minimum, both in design and quantity. Let a few good pieces stand alone and shine. Most probably, you are not setting up for a royal banquet, so keep those too much flowers and candles away. Only a few is enough to avoid clutter. Keep your floral arrangements low so guests can still see each other. You can place it in simple glasses or clear vasesyou already own and let the flowers take the attention. Don’t put a lot of candles, and if you want to use candles, use simple ones without the ornate carvings.

4. Go for a layered look

You can mix and match color and texture to add to an organic feel to your modern style table. For instance, can use a wooden charger to anchor a sleek white dinner plate. Insert a natural linen napkin that will add texture.

5. Create your own centerpiece

A beautiful dining setting is not complete without a centerpiece. You can create your own arrangement that features fresh greenery from your own backyard. You can create place settings on your own using a textured yet plain specialty paper with a handwritten calligraphy. You can do that for the menu as well.

6. Set according to occasion

Once you have the perfect dinnerware and accessories, the easiest part is setting it up to suit the occasion. If you’re hosting a formal dinner, you can place the napkin down on the table first. Fold it in a minimal style – don’t go for complicated napkin folding used in traditional formal tables. After that, set the dinner plate, then place the salad plate on top of it, and then put the soup bowl on top. Place the knife at the right side of the plate (with sharp side facing in), the soup soon outside the knife, and the fork on the left side. Place glasses of water and will them halfway, with a pitcher or carafe on the table.

If you’re hosting an intimate dinner party with family or close friends, you can set it simply. Place a single dinner plate, with the fork and knife on either side. Keep a butter knife near the dish and bread if you want. You can also have some of them attend earlier so you can have a helping hand when setting the table.

For a simple supper that you want to make special, you can stick to a dinner plate and salad plate. Place the napkin at one side with the folding away from the plate. Keep the fork and knife together on top, on the left side of the plate.