Home Security

Replacing the sensor security lights

The security light comes on when the motion sensor detects movement embedded within a specific area to which it is addressed. You can replace a defective light sensor security light security can still be used. It will need some tools for domestic use, as well as a motion sensor replacement can be purchased at an electronics store or, in some cases, the same hardware store or home gardening store where you originally purchased the security light.


Disconnect the electrical power line in light of energy security. This includes disconnecting the circuit breaker in the fuse box if the security light is wired to your power supply or pulling the power cord from the outlet if the security light is a model of laptop inside.

security lights

Remove the front panel light up using a Phillips jeweler’s screwdriver or a Torx screwdriver, depending on the manufacturer. Pull the front panel slowly so that the cables connecting the motion sensor inside the front panel is not detached from the circuit board inside the security light.

Loosen the two screws that surround the black and red wires connected to the motion sensor, using a Phillips jeweler’s screwdriver. Releases the cables. If the wires are wrapped around a black and red wire connected to the circuit board, unwrap the duct tape holding the wires together and separate them.

Insert the tip of a flat jeweler’s screwdriver blade under the motion sensor on one side and limping. Repeat this on the other side of the sensor. Sensor strip from the slot in the front panel. Discard the sensor correctly, as it is an electronic component.

Stripping away with a strip of half inch (1.27 cm) of insulation from the ends of the two wires connected to the motion sensor replacement.

Wrap the exposed end of the black wire around the screw where the black wire was the original sensor. Repeat with the exposed end of the red wire attached to the motion sensor replacement. Tighten the screws. If the wires wrapped around the cables connected to the circuit board, wrap the exposed end of the black sensor wire around the black wire from the circuit board and the exposed end of the red wire from the sensor around the red wire from the plate circuit. Wrap each set of wires with a strip of duct tape.

Apply bonding glue on the edges of the slot inside the front panel. Place the motion sensor replacement in the slot. Tighten the sensor into the slot and hold it there for a minute for the glue stated. Let the bonding glue to rest for an hour before continuing.

Put the back panel in front of the security light. Replace the screws. Reconnect the power to the light energy security.