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Types of security devices for home

The system of home security is a phrase that often brings to mind sophisticated electronic systems indicated by small flags or stickers on the outside of the house. The reality is that it is not necessary to resort to the considerable expense required to get one of these luxury settle alarm systems and protect. The intruders, thieves and home invaders can be avoided at least to some degree by a variety of other security measures .

security devices

Wireless Alarm System
The wireless alarm system is the industry Mercedes devices home security . This type of safety device responds whenever a sensor installed in the interior of the house is interrupted. The associated warning signs can be a siren or flashing lights. In some cases, the signal interruption sends a notification to the security company or the police.

A device for home security easy to install and very effective is the peephole. This security measure low technology allows you to determine whether you want to open the door to your guests. While a sight not safe against forced entry, can offer the protection you lose every time you open the door to a stranger.

Outside movement sensor
An outdoor motion sensor is a safety feature that automatically turns on a light to shine in the area in which motion has been detected. Light from an external motion sensor serves to inform you of potential danger and potentially scare off an intruder who does not want to carry out their crime under bright artificial lighting.

System closed circuit video
Video surveillance CCTV is not just for commercial entities. Many of these systems are designed for installation on their own. The camera system can be linked to a monitor to your TV or video recorder. Some video systems are equipped with closed circuit sensors that automatically transmit an image to a receiver. If you want to replace the component motion detection, you can usually set the continuous registration system.

Locks for windows
Safety devices that can be connected to the windows include locking mechanisms that are screwed into the frame. A sash lock for effectively blocks the window in place and can only be opened with a key.

Door locks
The locks are far more effective to resist forced entry attempt that standard door locks. Maximum protection is performed when the bolt has a rectangular pin that slides into the door jamb at least one inch (2.5 centimeters). A chain lock can provide some additional protection you may open the door halfway down to see who is outside, but provide little security against a door being forced open.

Vehicle Safety
The measures of home security can extend to the garage or the driveway. Protection against theft of a vehicle can be increased with the use of a wheel clamp, more commonly known as a trap. This device is connected around the wheel with the clamp so that the vehicle can not move.