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Rustic decor for a room

If you can not have enough of the sites or just vacation you’ve fallen for one or more species of bears in the wild, turn your home into a tribute to these powerful animals is not difficult if you think outside the forest. Assuming no place that is off limits, check some design ideas to determine that fit your budget and imagination and start the project of redesigning the room from the “oomph” out.

decor for a room


Space habitat Osero
Bear habitats are forests and wilderness areas, so that a suitable color for the walls of the living room are a variety of natural browns and greens. Paint the walls a color woody, light brown shade rustic and one wall hangs a wallpaper mural resembling a forest habitat. Install a thick carpet remember brown fur of a bear and furnishings complemented farmhouse rustic decor to achieve the end. Decorate the chairs with pillows or balls  bear leather covers and turn your boring living in a lovely space.

Style hibernate
The hibernation chamber aims to ease, soothe and give a respite to the concerns of the day, so it carries out the idea of ​​forest when your bedroom to recreate a cozy bear refuge. Instead of a headboard, collect fallen tree branches, sand and the wall behind your bed for you to sleep under the branches. Connect wall sconces so there is light for reading at night and throws a woody quilt on the bed. The bearskin rugs imitation on each side of the bed are lovely touches like a collection of stuffed animals ready to take the bed when you’re in it.

More than a den
From the shower curtain to a painted wall, bath items designed to showcase bears are everywhere these days. Get your bear paws in black curtains, finds a bearskin rug washable for soil and personalize the room with practical touches such as inserts toothbrush , cups and pitchers adorned with painted bears heads. Looking for unusual extras such as a toilet brush holder in brown bear and a toilet containing toilet paper rolls additional home accessories from specialist websites bear themed. Do not forget to fill the room with pine scent spray.



Only bears
Go one step ahead and pick a piece of furniture giant bear Walter VanBeirendonck, furniture store with fans around Europe. There are few things you’ve seen resemble a giant bear head that opens to reveal child-sized dressers and closets. Assuming you like the idea of ​​these bohemian pieces but prefer not to liquidate your assets to get a rustic bunk bed with bedding and dressers canvas tent combined, as it looks pretty. Here, a collection of teddy bears your child with rustic wall shelves and if you hang a trophy, a replica of a bear head on the wall and your child will drag dozens of friends to his room to show the lair that is only for him .