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Round dining tables

These Italian designer furniture are climbing center tray with bottles and glasses .Each of these tables has a function and appearance characteristic of futuristic design . The central mechanism is not standard, can be applied to custom models. There are round tables with these functional designs in two sizes: 1920×1200 mm 1600×1200 mm and is a product of exquisite construction, distinct, sophisticated, high-impact residential and utility for dining, hotels, cruises, and club houses. The Italian design furniture often surprised by their lines, style and functionality. This is an example. The Italian furniture to add prestige homes over time. A round table, futuristic, with retractable center refrigerator is surely the perfect addition for a dining room into a contemporary house or avant-garde architecture. Inspect other designer furniture for the home , follow this link, there is a page with lists of postings .

Round dining tables

Round dining table ultramodern design
What is the purpose of these tables? The aim of its design is to add the feature refrigerator in the cylinder from the center , through which the cabinet operates foot. It’s where a foodie would have handy drinks and food . This product can be the focal point of a social space.

Circular table model refrigerator center
The new Italian convertible table is a response to consumer concerns demanding own. The top of the central mechanism serving tray and the trays are different axis in the annular space. SmarTable , name of this table, Gorenje is a product, a brand that stands out in the market for their designs.

Luxurious dining table round advanced design
75 percent of the food is stored in the refrigerator for immediate consumption, without requiring any cooking or thermal processing. The homeowners prefer their contemporary residential refrigerators are near the living room.

Innovation dining tables
Most users are looking for the shortest distance to the refrigerator in the room where food consumed. This product is a true innovation What do you think? Gorenje Design Studio is the maximum for top industrial designers.