Living Room Design

How to divide a bedroom and living room decorating ideas

If you live in an apartment or open loft, a more daunting challenge of design is to define specific areas within your living room. Although an open floor plan may offer more flexibility than a house with separate rooms, it is difficult to create a loft or study design that not only flow, but also provides the feeling of separation between living areas. There are some ways to divide a living room and a bedroom, offering some privacy, while others create a more interesting decor and room decorating ideas.

living room decorating ideas




Arrange furniture to distinguish the living areas. Strategic groups of carpets and furniture visually define specific areas without obstruction. If you are working with a larger area, place your bed against the far wall of the door and guides your couch in the middle of space with the back of it against your bed.


Use a divider screen. When your goal is not the creation of privacy, a divider screen does wonders as to divide an open space. Whether it is placed in the center of the space or closer to a wall, the element vertically draws the eye upward instead of losing it in the. Hinged dividers rooms do not require installation, you can easily rearrange and are relatively inexpensive.

Divide the living room of your room with open shelves. Unlike a traditional wall shelves, open shelving unit allows light to pass through, giving your room a sense of space open and airy. Use the shelves for items that appear attractive to both sides. Baskets and decorative boxes keep small objects and improve the view from the living room and bedroom.


Hang a curtain. Monta bar hanging from the ceiling and fabric panels. If privacy is not an issue, the curtains do not extend through the entire area, leaving an opening or use clamps to create an illusion of separation. If you want the option to completely hide your bedroom door mounted specialized hospital for curtains so you can adjust the view smoothly and to different degrees. A canopy bed offers the perfect opportunity to hang fabric panels that hide the bed and imitates the walls.

Install a high bed if you plan to stay in your apartment in the long run. A loft bed works best in an apartment with vaulted ceilings, and divides the living room from the bedroom literally puts the bedroom into a whole new level.