How to put a curtain on a rod crop

The window decorations can give any room an elegant look. A crop is a curtain gently folded or pleated drapery hanging from the outer edges of the curtain rod, either as part of a longer or a shorter booty border. Curtains crop also provide an attractive way to hide the ugly curtains tools sight. To ensure proper placement of your curtains crop, you should measure carefully. Unless you’re doing a simple decor, you have to hang a curtain rod of a double crop before long curtains.


Measure the window with tape. Use a pencil to mark the points on each side of the window where the double bar fasten. Check your marks with a leveling, adjusting if necessary.

 rod crop

Use a drill or screwdriver to make pilot holes at the marked locations for the screws of the brackets that come in the kit of the double bar. If a post on the wall, the screw should provide enough stability, but if you’re drilling into masonry, probably have to use a screw anchor. The exact address can vary, so follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
Hold the brackets on the wall, bars and places inside and outside where you can easily grasp.

Hang the curtains in the bar inside and place the rod in the holder.

Slide the side curtain craw bar right outside . If it is angled diagonally, place the larger end toward the edge outside the window frame and the shortest route between.

Work the waterfall, which is the middle part of the skirt in the rod outer , so sit next to the crop and is at the center of the bar.

Slide the craw bar left outside to be placed on the opposite side of the waterfall with the longest near the window frame and the shorter side next to the center.

Place the bar outside the two swish and waterfall into the holders. Fix any crease and fold of the crops and waterfall to fall evenly and hide any tool curtains.