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How to decorate a river house

The idea that life on the river bank captivates people crave the smell of fresh air and fresh water river in the morning. If you’ve finally finalized your dream of owning a home on the banks of a river and try to decorate making justice, you have to have a couple of ideas in mind. In life in a house next to the river preponderates simplicity and natural materials. Know also pay homage to the river in the choice of accessories to highlight your home against water.


Choose colors to match your home landscape surrounding the river. This includes colors like forest green and sap green, red, yellow, orange, sand, gray and brown. In search of furniture and accessories, find items in these colors.



Keep unobstructed river view choosing curtains that allow enjoy this view. A suitable choice for your home is a curtain rod tree branch. This type of curtain can be used as an interesting branch curtain rod. The curtain rod hangs long, similar to the tank straps cover straps. Curtain holders installed on each side of the window. Slide the curtain on the branch and place the shade brackets.

Find wooden furniture and accessories. Consider the Adirondack chairs, a sofa with armrests, poses feet with wooden legs, wooden coffee table and baskets with sprigs to place near the fireplace so that they can store firewood, tissue elements or small fleece blankets.

Choose natural fabrics whenever possible. When looking for furniture for your house river neglects furniture made of leather, cotton, linen or wool.

Add a handmade touch to your home by choosing accessories as river quilt, rag rugs and pillows with hand sewn.

Decorate with accessories that are in the river or around it. Fill a wooden bowl with pine cones; hangs an old canoe and paddle from the rafters; displays a collection of antique fishing tackle boxes on the shelves of the library built; hangs a series of hanging boxes to display antique fishing lures and fish ceramic or handmade.

Make use of the mantelpiece at home. Upload photos in sepia tones your grandfather fly fishing on the river or find a table easel and put small fish themed watercolors made by a local artist. Framing each end of the mantel lamps metal.