Bedroom Design

Reusing renew bedroom furniture

It is not always necessary to have new furniture to give you a change to the bedroom. We show you how to give a new look to the bedroom furniture we reusing. We often think that to renew the look of the room we need to completely change the furniture. But there are times when furniture if we stay in good condition, they can be reused by giving them a new look and achieving a more modern decor and our taste. Then we will see step by step through this program in my house like new .

bedroom furniture

Step by step to renew reusing bedroom furniture

Step 1
The first thing we will do is give you a change to the color of the walls. We will opt for a white for the stay brighter and ceiling lighting change.

Step 2
To reuse the furniture, going to paint both comfortable we have as the table. The color chosen will be a target. In addition to the shooters and the counter of each piece, we will use pieces of jute.

Step 3
Following the philosophy of recycling, we will create an original headboards two centenary doors. Let’s paint the blue and we’re going to remove the crystals. On the back we are going to with hangings, jute, so in areas of crystals see this fabric.

Step 4
To dress more room, will create a single bank with a pallet. We’re going to leave the foot of the bed and let’s paint blue, the same color as headboards.

Step 5
Alongside these new headboards, place lamps on the wall for the light spot on each bed.

Step 6
Come with accessories. In the case of the window, use a roller blind in white. It will pass the outside light but also dress the bedroom and will bring a modern touch.

Step 7
In the case of soil, we will choose to use a simple but decorative carpet in black and white. So, we dress more stay without recharging too.

As you can see from this example of decoration, we have managed to complete one of the objectives of the program My house as new. reuse as much as possible the elements that we can get our hands on. In this case, we’ve managed to renew the decoration of reusing bedroom furniture that was in the room.