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Restoration and painting of a residential house

This house is a home built with quality architecture, located in a suburb of Buenos Aires. His new face makes architectural and aesthetic contribution to the place. It is a medium sized home on a corner lot, defined architecturally in the English style , but was partially restored. Another level is seen covered built on the terrace. For more information on restoring homes and view images follow the link, you will find a list of relevant postings.

Restoration and painting

Corner house
Residential house restored and painted new. The expansion above this house respects the lines of the original style of the building, is also a simple look by adding what role does not take away the design of the original house.

The neighborhood (Villa Devoto) is a residential area of Buenos Aires where these houses compete for your design, style and presentation, to walk in his paths regale houses his aesthetic eye . The painting is one aspect of the restoration of this house that stands out and draws more attention to it when visiting the area. ancient style houses in neighborhoods are the very history of these areas of the city.

Restore is to make a contribution to the identity of the place. When new construction is speculative, is disarmed profile that identifies the neighborhood as a result increases the number of neighbors but loses personality and architectural character, thus also the sense of belonging to a place. See another restored house in the neighborhood of Villa Devoto . ‘s important to involve local authorities to conserve urban with a profile defined for years by the construction of houses with certain style, as is the case in neighborhoods dominated the English style , the French, the Spanish Colonial, Italian houses, or where there are houses of outstanding architectural.

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