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Residential HVAC

Give climate inside the house in summer and in winter, can be comfortable and be productive . Houses are like machines to live, so he understood a great master of architecture, and should be put up to have a pleasant environment.

Electricity and technical innovations have allowed the housing stays comfortable and convenient places. Over time, the equipment that is integrated into the architecture of the houses adds sophisticated features, including a high value is the indoor climate control for comfort, health, and energy efficient. Especially, the addition of equipment air conditioning , first to cool and then to acclimate both summer and winter, has promoted the design and construction of houses and buildings in extreme weather locations.

Residential HVAC

Equipment for home weatherization
In the United States thanks to the air conditioning was achieved hostile weather locations develop and advance populated desert areas. Thanks to computers conditioners human body can work indoors at comfortable temperatures all year round.

On this page, you can review links sorted entries here that will published on the production of comfortable climate indoors of houses.

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Today, the new versions of air conditioning equipment for residential, are efficient and lower power consumption are also more versatile equipment for installation and operation (teams divided, remote control, etc..). Given that ” air conditioning “is an important issue in the list above will find access to websites that offer links to more information. On another page you will find links to the entries posted on home heating , follow this link to review it.

Outdoor equipment central air conditioning

Climate and bioclimatic architecture. Climate involves temperature control, relative humidity control, indoor air circulation and renewal, also clean air with low levels of impurities.

It should be noted that the term HVAC is often confused with cooling air conditioning, climate control but actually involves both the production of fresh air as hot air, plus other qualities to acclimate the interiors .

Ventilate and heat or cool the air, are functions that a system must meet in order to acclimatize in housing environments. The relative humidity control, air purification and air pressure within the environment, complete the conditions for achieving real indoor climate .

In recent years, were adopted in the new architecture concepts, and highlights including sustainability oriented housing. To acclimatize now to be seen in any architectural project from the design itself, means to optimize resources.

Thus the bioclimatic architecture focuses on the exploitation of natural resources (sun, breezes) and thanks to them you can do without expensive equipment very high energy consumption. Domestic air conditioning portable equipment