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Modern and Contemporary Residential houses.

In architecture there is a wide variety of designs and styles. For many people, modern houses are those current aspect, or that by its architectural lines seem advanced design. But there is a definite modern style . Here you can see examples stand out. Find inspiration through virtuous architectural designs.

The modern residential houses are houses that have not been 100 years have functional architectural design and style definition . The term “modern houses” usually identifies those constructed in the present architecture of our days, the new, or the most modern in sight and as common sense. For many people it is simply homes that are noticed new design for its appearance. Actually, there is a modern architectural design and there is also a modern style. Both the design and style, modern features have stood the test of time since the 20-30, although, in stages, raising some controversies. For example, the emergence of architectural Postmodernism due to concerns critically respond to modern architecture. Below is a list of entries published here on residential projects where designs can be seen as examples. Use this link to jump to the menu that sorts the selected links.

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Villa Bianca Modern style house in Seveso, Italy 1937
Modern residential architectural style, derived from a set design from what became known as the New Architecture, in the first half of the twentieth century, mainly in Europe and the United States.

If you do not know of architecture and just appreciation of homes or buildings need not know what a graduate or professional studies, but must be aware that there are differences between a Modern-style house of the 30’s, with one of the 50s, and a contemporary style home. However, the term used for all modern houses alike.

Modern style residence in the UK years 30
Many houses Contemporary style modern houses are identified as the people who makes no specific details on the architecture defined technically. The Modern style identifies ways and aspects, also defines living spaces, the product of a conception of architecture .

Paradoxically, and can check it in these pictures, there are houses of the 30s Modern to Contemporary seem today, and even very advanced or futuristic. Perhaps the paradigmatic example is the house designed by Le Corbusier called Villa Saboye , now a national monument in France.

Modern House in the 30s in England
The new conception of architecture originated in the twentieth century when it happened a revolutionary change in the conception of the design of houses and buildings, was a phenomenon related to the 2nd. Industrial Rev..

was expressed in the large scale production of artificial materials for construction, and became abundant and convenient. The phenomenon was also linked to the use of electricity for artificial light and also have moving machines.