Bedroom Furniture

Renovate your home with white furniture

White furniture is the key to give a different to decor your home. If you do it yourself painting some element that you have around and you do not like it anymore. When you finish it will become the star furniture wherever you put it. Making yourself with aged white furniture may not be a better idea. You will have movies in any room of the house.

Renovate your home

That “relates” well with the rest of the elements of the stay. You know, harmony and balance are also important. Although everything depends on the type of piece in question in general the effect of aged white furniture usually harmonizes well with all types of parts and elements whether chairs, chests, cabinets or dressers

Furthermore, as is easy to get good results despite not being an expert, it is the kind of work that is recommended to start painting furniture. So do not think about it anymore. Get the piece in question, with the necessary materials and get to work. You will not need many things. For starters, furniture and white acrylic paint if the part is not painted.

In case the furniture is white and you just want to give it the aged effect you can save yourself the trouble of painting it. In addition, you will need to gather some more materials. Do not miss cotton rags, Judea bitumen a colorless wax can for furniture a brush and fine brush soft sandpaper. The first thing you have to do is clean the furniture thoroughly. If it is not very dirty, it will suffice that you wipe it with a damp cloth and let it dry.

If there rescued a piece of furniture unpacking or a thrift store you must ensure that good clean thoroughly. Use a multi-purpose cleaner then rinse and let dry. Then you can and paint it white if necessary. Apply two layers allowing to dry well between layer and layer and smoothly sanding between them. You can use chalk paint if you want to get a matte effect as chalk.

This is the essential step in the whole process of getting white aged furniture. The more attention you get in this part of the job, the better will be the antiqued furniture. It is a matter of thoroughly sanding the furniture with the sandpaper insisting on the edges and corners of the doors if any. Where rub with sandpaper will be more parties seem older. That is why you must decide how much you want to sand and, therefore how old you would like the furniture to remain.

Do not forget to think about what parts of the furniture would naturally wear out and wash them without fear. Now you have to prepare the mixture to give the furniture that darker aspect that puts years. Take the tin of colorless wax and remove about one tenth of its contents. Fill with Judea bitumen and stir until a liquid mixture is obtained.

Apply the mixture with a brush insisting on the areas that you have sanded previously. One tip it is better to give the product from less to more. Start applying little and see more products added gradually so you will not pass. Then wipe excess product with a clean cloth. To accentuate the old appearance of the furniture you can re-apply the mixture on edges and recesses using a fine brush.