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Renew rustic kitchen

When renewing a rustic or old kitchen, the first thing you’ll want to do is modernize the decor. This can be done in a time efficient and economical manner. To do this, the first step should be to remove any and all wallpaper. Once the walls are free, you can paint the areas that are not tile. If you want to pain the tiles, you will have to do so with special paint to match the new colors. You may also want to update your appliances, add additional lighting with some brand new windows with a company, or get some new furniture. Here are a few simple steps to renew an old country style kitchen:

rustic kitchen

Step by step to renovate a kitchen rustic style

Step 1:
Remove the wallpaper. To remove the wallpaper, simply moisten the area and peel if off. Now that you have bare walls, you might want to consider painting them or adding tile to the backsplashes.

Step 2:
If the already existing tiles do not fit with the rest of the design, you can paint them with special paint for tiles. It is important that the tiles are clean and dry. If they aren’t, painting them can become a nuisance.

Step 3:
If you have a sliding glass door and you want to keep mosquitoes out, you will want to install a mosquito net. In addition, if you have windows in the kitchen, you’ll want to place a white curtain for decoration.

Step 4:
The next step is to place sliding base plugs to have more than one plug in the front of the kitchen. This allows you to have plugs in different areas of the kitchen for the different appliances that are needed.

Step 5:
Finally, you’ll want to put some shelving in. Not only does this create a modern, aesthetic look, it’s also convenient for saving space. Get some new tables and chairs and it will completely change the look of your kitchen. Doing simple things like this can renew a country-style kitchen and give it a more contemporary look.