Home cleaning

Relaxing home kit

Produces a relaxing home kit with natural soaps with essential oils, bath salts and effervescent bombs made ​​by you. A natural and economical, perfect to have a detail in these times of crisis gifts.

Homemade bath salts

Would you like to give you a bath very relaxing ? Infusions, pumps and bath salts help you to color and water essence helping to relax the muscles and mind .

home kit

Effervescent bombs

The effervescent bath bombs , easy to make from certain ingredients, stimulate the senses, are revitalizing and help relax the muscles tired. Learn how to make natural bath bombs using sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, essential oils and herbs or flower petals.

Homemade natural soaps

Natural lavender soap

cleaners neem tree or shrub oils, lavender and tea tree merge in this soap. The neem tree oil or neem has a long history of use in India and Africa for its cleansing properties. It is added to the antiseptic propolis that bees use to protect their hives and cleaners essential oils of lavender and tea tree.

Natural soap and chamomile

A mild bar soap for sensitive skin soothing effect. The soothing effects and chamomile combine with soft essential primrose oil this mild soap. Sprinkle some chopped flowers on the surface of the soap while curdling for a decorative touch.

Natural soap with rosemary

Fresh rosemary scent adds to the cleaning properties of this soap. It also contains oatmeal to exfoliate and smooth rough hands. The green clay give it color. You can scatter a few flowers dried rosemary, crumbled on the mass of soap when dry means is to decorate.

Natural almond oil soap

This soap has a fragrant own blend of essential oils of rose, offering a relaxed feeling of wellbeing, marjoram that warms the body and is comforting, and Queensland helps clear your head and restore stability.

Exotic natural soap

scented soap A blend of essential oils of ylang-ylang, rose, geranium and sage that softens the skin. The essential oil of ylang-ylang combined with rose, geranium and wild sage in this delicately scented soap and skin softener.