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Refrigerator with Swarowski crystals

Distinctive design and luxury in a refrigerator with Swarovski crystals of high-tech home . Refrigerators black or aluminum finish with precious crystals from the famous brand. It is a development of Gorenje European leader in industrial design for a market niche products of high design. The application of Swarovski crystals highlight the quality of these domestic refrigerators (refrigerators) and add a luxurious touch . To see other proposed luxury homes follow this link, you will find a list of ordered relevant content for easy review. For more on kitchen equipment , see for this other link .


Refrigerator, refrigerator, color black with Swarovski crystals on the surface
There are two features that make this cooler unique: color and Swarovski stones . The finishing details, where the look is perfect.

Why do you want someone a refrigerator with jewels? The question is the same as why people wear jewelry?
Not everyone is going to give the same answer but if there is a common aspect for anyone, based on a deep motivation, emotional.

Detail of crystals gemstones added as
Refrigerator in Stainless Steel with 3,500 crystals Swarowski and 331 liters capacity . touchscreen front. There are 245 l crystals in the refrigerator and 86 l. in the freezer .

High quality refrigerator refrigerator prestigious brand family
In case of power failure keeps food safely for 18 hours . Cooling system Multiflow . Functions of cooling and freezing . Receiver radio and electronic cookbook on screen . Voice messages. voice alarm .

Family use cooler black finish and crystals
This refrigerator for the house is a sophisticated, compelling, emotional. The image may be in your mind. Designed for the satisfaction of personal desires for luxury . In the following video, the presentation of a LG refrigerator with Swarovski crystals . De to know your idea about this product, add a comment.

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