Reasons Why You Should Choose Plastic Plant Pots for Running a Nursery

When you are running a nursery, you have to work hard to ensure customers are happy with the condition of the plants they purchase. This means taking care of them in their early life, as well as providing the plants with the right pots to allow growth. But, what are the best plant posts for running a nursery?

Most companies are choosing to use plastic plant pots. From being cost-effective to offering durability in different conditions, plastic is a versatile material that can be great for growing plants and selling to customers. If you need more convincing, here are some reasons why you should choose plastic plant pots for your nursery.

They Are Cost-Effective

When you are going to be supplying a lot of plants to customers, you are going to be concerned with prices. In other words, while you are looking for durable and quality materials, you also have a need to search for a cost-effective option for your nursery. Well, this is exactly where plastic wins. This is a material that is affordable and cost-efficient for a lot of businesses. For example, when you purchase plastic plant pots from a horticultural wholesale like Dejex, you can enjoy great prices. You can buy these in bulk and this is going to allow you to prepare and grow your plants ready for customers to purchase. There are a variety of sizes available and they have drainage to allow for the best growth.

There are Different Colours

Businesses often assume that customers do not like plastic pots. There is the misconception that they are boring and cheap. However, this is not necessarily the case. Plastic plant pots have improved dramatically over the last few years and this is something that you can take advantage of with your nursery. You can now choose from a variety of different colours. This can make it fun for customers and allow certain plants to stand out. In turn, you may be able to enjoy better sales when you include a variety of plant pot colours.

Plastic is Recyclable

There are a lot of businesses that do not care about their impact on the environment once a customer has bought their goods. But, this is not the right attitude to have. In fact, customers admire it more when you show that you care about your impact on the environment and make efforts to reduce your waste. 

One way that you can be mindful of the environment is choosing plastic pots for your nursery. You are going to have a lot of plants and you want to choose a material that is going to be reused or recyclable for customers. Indeed, this is what you can get with plastic. This is a material that is widely recyclable and this can mean customers are able to reduce how much they are putting in landfill. What’s more, choosing quality plastic plant pots can even be reused by the customer when the plant is put into the ground or transferred into a larger pot.

They Are More Durable Than You Think

A lot of people assume that plastic plant pots will break and crack easily. But, you will be surprised just how durable this option can be. When you purchase the right size for the plants you are growing in the nursery, the plastic plant pots can last a long time. They are able to deal with changing weather conditions, such as rain, snow and even high temperatures during the summer. When it is windy, other materials like clay can break. But plastic is durable. This allows for long-term use until customers purchase the plants.

This Material is Lightweight

Are you going to be shipping plants to customers? Something that you are going to be mindful is the weight of the plants. The heavier the plant is, the more you and the customer have to spend on shipping. It is best to choose a plant pot material that is lightweight so that it can keep shipping costs down. Well, that is the great thing about plastic pots. They are not only known for being durable, but they are also lightweight. This combination makes them ideal for shipping plants safely to your customers.

They Are Easy to Maintain

When you have a plant nursery, you have a lot of tasks to complete to ensure you are growing the best plants for your customers. So, you want to use pots that are going to be low maintenance and easy to take care of. For example, clay pots are known for gathering deposits. This can be from minerals that are found in a fertiliser, as well as even from the water they are getting. This can mean there are white marks on the pots and this can look messy for customers. 

The good thing about plastic pots is that they are not going to discolour or stain easily. You can simply wipe any dirt away for a customer. You are able to soak them with water and nothing is going to change.