Reasons Why Playing The guitar is Good For Your Health

If you’ve been searching for a new hobby to pursue, learning guitar should be high on your priority list. It comes with a ton of benefits that you’ll only come to know of once you’re immersed in the hobby. Playing guitar can be seen as a route to mindful escapism. It could be the safe haven you truly need when the world has been unkind and you’re looking to get to live in the moment. There is nothing as exciting as being able to master playing the first song on the guitar. That is why you need to start learning the guitar. Here are some of the reasons why the guitar is actually good for your health.

Form of Therapy

There has been an increasing demand for music as a form of therapy. That is why it is always included in the school’s curriculum. You can get it in rehab facilities and home for the elderly. The guitar could be seen as the easiest instrument to master if you’re looking to learn music. There are people who will play music when they’re stressed. It puts you in a place where you’re able to calm down before making any drastic decisions.

Good For Heart

There have been numerous studies that have shown that playing guitar can actually help with heart health. The studies have been done to establish the link between music and blood pressure. Those musicians that played over 100 minutes every day saw a significant drop in blood pressure. Another reason you should seriously consider picking up the guitar if you’re still on the fence.

It is Not as Hard People Think

You might be intimidated by the whole learning process. Anyone can learn guitar as long as you’re willing to put in the work.  You’re never too old to pick an instrument. All that is required from your end is that you’re showing commitment which will not be that much of a challenge as you’ll be enjoying the process.

Enhances Creativity

You’ll have to learn the different chords and how they come together to produce music. Once you learn the basics, it is easy to make alterations to the sound so that what is coming out is more personalized. This enhances creativity and you can apply it to other spheres of life. We all have a creative spark that is waiting to be uncovered and one of the ways you can do so is by learning a musical instrument. There are so many opportunities to explore when it comes to the creative element which wouldn’t have been possible if you were not playing guitar in the first place.

Future-proof the Brain

There are so many things that are competing for our attention in the 21st century. You’ll not want to engage in an activity that deteriorates the functioning of the pain. Instead, you should be focusing on a hobby that actually helps in the development and safeguarding of mental functions. There is a high probability that the brain function will decline as you grow older. Just because it is so doesn’t mean that there is nothing that you can do about it. When the brain is functioning at optimum capacity, the effects of aging will not be that severe. There have been numerous studies that have shown that playing the guitar actually reduces stress can help with brain functioning.  It is time you started researching the difference between classical and acoustic guitars if you’d want to future-proof your brain.

You Meet New People

Playing the guitar can help in solidifying your support network. You get to meet new people that share the same interest which is always a nice feeling. It boosts your wellness because you’re surrounded by like-minded people. This could be a great idea if you’re suffering from anxiety and you’re finding it hard to be around people. There is a big community of enthusiasts who are always willing to help out. You get to feel at home because you’re surrounded by people that have your best interest at heart.

You Get to Express Yourself

Music can be used to express feelings that might not be spoken. You get to run through different emotions while playing the guitar which can be therapeutic on so many levels. You don’t have to talk to anyone. All you need is a session every day to let your feelings out. We hope the reasons we’ve highlighted are more than enough to convince you to start learning to play guitar. There are a ton of resources that you can use to your advantage.