Reasons to Hire a Lawyer When Facing Domestic Violence Charges

Being accused of domestic violence is something we all wish to avoid, but you need to have a lawyer to defend you in such a scenario. The legal consequences of domestic violence charges can change your life if not taken seriously. You need to understand that you still have a right to be represented legally on a fair trial regardless of the charges.

Such a situation can make a difficult chapter of your life as it is a serious criminal charge, but with a qualified lawyer, things will seem better. Read on to find reasons to hire a lawyer from Stroleny Law, P.A when facing such charges.

Minimize Consequences for the Charges

When facing domestic violence charges, you can face extreme penalties, including paying a fine, losing gun rights, facing jail time, and getting a permanent criminal record. It is best to hire a lawyer because they have enough experience to help you acquire the correct legal strategy. Thanks to their expertise, the lawyer knows the correct plea to enter, increasing the chances of getting a better outcome and reducing the penalties for the charges.

Assist You Get Protective Orders Removed

It would be best if you understood that on many occasions when charged with domestic violence, the court places instant conditions on you before you get released. Such conditions include issuing a protection order that states you should stay away from the plaintiff, your children, and even your home. By hiring a qualified lawyer, you can be confident they will obtain and present the police records and any other helpful documents to the judge to prevent the restraining order from being placed.

Build Your Defense Case

Many things are at stake when having domestic violence cases. There are times you can think of representing yourself in court, right? This is not recommended when facing such charges, as you might suffer more consequences if you do not handle the case like a professional. Having a solid defense case is crucial if you want positive results. A competent lawyer will assist you in building a valid criminal defense and being objective during the trial, even when it becomes emotional. It is the duty of a professional to help you understand fully the case you are accused of and make everything clear during the trial.

Ensure Your Rights Are Protected

It is stressful to interact appropriately with law enforcement personnel when charged with domestic violence, as your rights can be violated during the process. When in a stressful position, it is easier to implicate yourself when being interrogated. Hence, hiring a lawyer is necessary. A professional attorney will protect your rights and ensure that all your interests are considered throughout the trial. Additionally, the lawyer will also handle all the dialogue to prevent any implications for interrogating.

Offer Emotional Support

You will need all the emotional support you can get during the whole process when having a domestic violence case because they can drag for many years as they are complex. It might not be easy to talk to other people about your case, but it will be easy to talk to a legal professional regarding the different aspects of the case. There are things you might not want to tell your family and friends but can easily tell your lawyer as they do understand what you are going through.

Do Proper Investigations and Collection of Evidence

Luck could be at your side as there might be evidence to prove that you have been falsely accused or you were acting in self-defense, depending on the circumstances of the case. A competent defense lawyer has enough experience in such cases and will investigate your case the right way and collect vital evidence. Professionals will easily find witnesses who can testify in court on your behalf. With the appropriate evidence and witnesses, your chances of getting better results will increase.
Being charged with domestic violence is hard enough, and you would not want to add more stress and hassle to yourself with all the policies and laws related to it. It is essential to hire a lawyer as they have the necessary knowledge to keep up with all the laws and policies and help you plan well to take care of the required paperwork. This will make things run smoothly, and you can be sure that they are doing everything possible to help you get the best results. Hiring a lawyer is critical when facing such charges, as you need someone in your corner that knows how the system works.