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Design Ideas for raising cabinets

Raise your closets from kitchen or bathroom can make storing things in the back easier, reducing the need to bend to reach your most used items. Raise the base cabinets countertops also means raising, which can be particularly useful with low bathroom cabinets that make it a literal pain wash. Consider the height of all who make up your family when you lift the cabinets. Purchase a stool sturdy but decorative, if necessary, to help children to reach areas in need.

raising cabinets


Floating Cabinets
As your closets from kitchen top, you can attach the base cabinets to the wall. Always connect them directly to the hardware using rivets designed to withstand the weight of the cabinet. If you plan to store heavy items in closets. as large pieces of cast iron cookware, you may need to build additional supports. Keep the look “floating” adding triangular braces that make an angle from the front edge of the cabinets down to meet with the wall, distributing the weight back to where the cabinet is anchored in place of the front. Wrap wood fasteners to match the cabinets to give the appearance of an angled bottom edge instead of bras. By using this method you can adjust the height of the closet to get the level you want for your countertop.


Unit with legs
Create a decorative style to your cabinets but high cohesive placing them on a frame with legs in each of the four corners. Carved balusters work well for end posts while you can use wooden 2 by 4 inches (5 by 10 cm) with decorative moldings added to the frame. Simply creates a rectangular frame from the timber to allow the cupboards are supported securely on edge superior . Joining the rear end of the frame to the wall studs by its length and then connect them to the poles of the baluster into each of the four corners, from the sides. The balusters act as spacers between your high and wall cabinets or any other cabinets next, so you should make sure to take this into account when you calculate the length of the counter.


Storage hidden
Raise up your closets placing smaller cabinet units that are half the depth or less than the main cabinets. This smaller cabinets hides from view from most angles, especially in a small kitchen, and lets you watch high cabinets while offering instead of more. Use base cabinets to store little used items like bath products for guests or holiday decorating, and that will not be easily accessible. Medium cabinets work well for this purpose, as they are only a few inches deep, offering some support to your upper cabinets without being annoying. Choose fronts and finishes to blend with the wall behind your cabinets or the floor, instead of upper cabinets to minimize visibility.