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How to put my house for rent: Questions and tips

The market for rental housing is growing rapidly in Spain. More and more people decide to put your home on holiday and go to a cheaper house or rent that apartment having vacated and thus get a return. But let strangers come into your home can create doubts and fears about the conditions of the contract, the rental price or potential defaults. Therefore, we detail some of the more frequent when renting your house doubts.

The first thing to know:

Renting allows you to get a return to help cover the costs of housing or a possible mortgage, prevents deterioration and revalue the property. To do so, it is important to have the house in good condition and that is attractive and inviting. Think about what kind of people you can rent and purchase a good set-up.

house for rent

The contract :

The lease is nothing more than a pact by which the landlord gives the tenant at the time and conditions agreed. Although it can be verbal, it is advisable to write it for a documentary record of the agreements.

This contract must contain:

The particulars of the dwelling (home, cadastral reference, certificate of occupancy, energy certificate and square meters).
Full names and ID owner and the tenant.
The annual amount of income.
How to be payment of rent (which day of the month and if it is made ​​by bank transfer or cash, and if so, where)
The start date and duration of the contract .
The clause rent update.
The bail.
Who takes what s expenses .
In furnished dwellings, include and sign a furniture inventory , appliances etc. to record what is and its condition.

How much should I charge for rent ?

There is no law about this. It is best to know the rents in your area for homes similar features. You can consult on Internet portals or ads that you see. Also assesses aspects such as transport connections, proximity to shops and services, the state of the building and the neighborhood … Solved this, know that if nothing else is pacta, updating and annual income will be based on the IPC the last 12 months.

What should be the duration of the contract?

It will be the pacts both parties. If not specified, the current legislation provides that the duration is 1 year, extendable to 3. After the first year, the landlord may recover the property warning in two months time, if it is for personal or immediate family use; while the tenant may cancel the contract past the first six months and warning with only one month in advance without paying compensation for it. However, it can be agreed by contract to pay compensation if the tenant leaves early.