How to protect home and electronic equipment from lightning

Some people are scared of lightning and the thunder and lightning the first evidence to send them running for cover. Others love the thunder and lightning but these are dangerous and which are directed outward to hear the rumble of thunder and see flashes of lightning. Meanwhile their homes may be vulnerable against the rays, unless you make a concerted effort to take simple measures to protect the inhabitants, their personal property and their homes.
protect home


Do not wash your hands and give you a shower while a thunderstorm in your neighborhood. Water is a good conductor of electricity, so stay away during a violent electrical storm water as much as possible. The phones that use fixed lines should also be avoided, although mobile phones do not pose the same risk.

Prevents electrical appliances such as computer, televisions and other get ruined due to a lightning strike. The damage caused by it can be covered by the insurance policy of your home, but getting to replace these items is cumbersome. To be sure, these electronic devices off until the storm has passed. Even if you have surge protectors that are connected to each piece of equipment, it could be that they are not able to control lightning strikes and some or all of your equipment is “fry” and becoming unusable. In extreme climates, off the wall or surge protectors sensitive electronic devices such as computers and televisions.
Consider making arresters installed in your home. These tools will not reduce the overload in your home and ensure that it is not reached by the rays, but these virtually eliminate the chances of a fire by a direct hit. Arresters are located on the highest point of your house and electricity cables diverted safely to the ground. No arrester your home will be more susceptible to fires caused by lightning strikes.