Proper Placement Of Lawn Posting Signs

Whatever lawn sign or yard sign that you want to put up, it should have a goal. It should have an objective to fulfill. The message that you are trying to convey should be crisp, clear, and precise. But all of that becomes a waste if you don’t follow a few principles and guidelines regarding the placement of signs. If you want to ensure higher exposure for your brand and better response from your target market, you must follow a few rules that are not just theoretical but tried and tested in practical scenarios. Here it goes:

1. Placement For Engagement

Remember that you are placing this sign to get more engagement from your prospects and a better response from your existing target market. This is why the first rule is to choose the location that suits your visitors and prospects the most. For example, you can choose an easily accessible location that is right in the middle of your place of business and where the majority of your target market is located. This could be in the middle of the block or the dividing street of your neighborhood that your customers and prospects have to cross several times during the day.

2. Shopping Centers You Should Consider

You should also consider shopping centers. This is because these could be one of the most effective spots for sign placements. They have their own beautifully manicured lawns where you can place your signs for better exposure. In this instance, you will have to keep the letters of the signs visible from a bigger distance. Make sure that your messages are readable from at least a 15 m distance. The colors should be very closely related to your brand image and the service that you provide.

3. Busy Intersections

If you have any busy intersections in your neighborhood or city, try to place your sign right in the middle. This is one of the most critical rules of lawn posting signs you must follow. These areas are the ones that people frequent regularly. These are also the spots where shoppers and passers-by will naturally have to stop for many reasons. It could be a stop sign or a zebra crossing. It could be an open street with a lot of food courts on the side. This will give you the perfect window to reach out to your audience within a very short amount of time.

Tip: It does not mean that you should use every intersection in your city to put up a board or a sign of your product or service. You must understand the two basic principles of sign placement which are visibility and coverage.

Always Go With Permission

In the end, remember that you should always ask for permission before you put up any signs. Get in touch with the property owner before you decide to use their land or even an inch of their lawn to put up any sign. You can also come up with a monthly payment arrangement or a kind of barter system.