Proper Care and Maintenance of Your Sliding Wardrobe Doors Can Save You From Injury

Sliding wardrobe doors are a popular storage system with both aesthetic and accessibility appeal. But did you know caring for your sliding wardrobe doors can prevent home-related accidents?

Approximately 2 million people seek treatment for unintended household-related injuries yearly. Some of these common injuries can be as a direct result of your home furniture.

Here a few ways to prevent these injuries:

  • Ensure the furnishings are secured and can’t easily fall over;
  • Use a ladder to access the upper storage areas of your wardrobe;
  • Bring in a professional to help you install or repair the doors if you have no training or experience in either.

Prevention begins with maintenance. You need to ensure your sliding wardrobe doors function and are maintained well.

To do so, consider these factors when choosing and caring for your sliding wardrobe doors.

Bigger Doors Doesn’t Always Mean Better

Size does matter.

But it can be ignored over space when designing your sliding wardrobe doors. Oversized wardrobe doors can cause you two problems.

  • Irregular spacing between the doors results in damage from the doors rubbing together. The heavier the doors the more the erosion which can be both a financial and safety risk.
  • Overweight sliding wardrobe doors can overwhelm the wheels causing their misalignment.

Clean All the Parts of the Wardrobe

You can’t just wipe your sliding wardrobe doors and guarantee it will continue gliding left and right smoothly.

Proper cleaning is more than just a quick surface wipe of the panels. You have to get between all the nooks and crevices. Check the track and rollers to ensure its free of dirt and debris.

Clean the Track and Top Runners

Dirt in the tracks and top runners can limit the full functionality of the sliding wardrobe doors. To avoid the problem from escalating you’ll need to:

  • Run a thin nozzle attachment of a vacuum cleaner into the grooves of the track. It’ll remove any blocked grit or dirt that obstruct the runners.
  • Apply a little furniture polish or silicone spray to the track to ensure a smooth continuous movement.

Clean and Align the Rollers

Rollers allow the wardrobe doors to sliding along the track.

When they are worn out, change them; otherwise, they will damage the track. The rollers can get stuck or need great force to move them.

But the problem can be a simple fix.

Check for any loose screws that hold the wheels and track together which might have fallen out. If that’s the problem, tighten the loose screws or replace the missing ones. You can also lubricate the rollers to add a smoother glide to the movement.

Invest in Quality Wardrobe Over Cost

Quality sliding wardrobe doors are a cost-effective investment over time.

Custom-made sliding wardrobe doors are built to last. But with so much versatility in material and design available, sometimes quality takes a backseat.

Unfortunately, without proper craftsmanship, you’ll end up replacing your doors in a couple of years. Wear and tear or age can cause the inefficiency of your sliding wardrobe doors.

Therefore, invest in quality material and expertise. Through this, you’ll avoid:

  • A poor-quality finish on wooden doors that can occasion swelling or warping. The only solution to fix this is by replacing the doors.
  • Fragile mirrors on your sliding wardrobe doors can end up with scratches and mirror rot. The mirrors can also break easily, posing a safety risk to you.

Hence, all-round quality needs to triumph all other factors when choosing your sliding wardrobe doors.


Follow these steps to care for your sliding wardrobe doors and maintain their functionality plus your safety in your home.