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Problems with Water Pressure and how to solve it

When the water pressure levels go down in your home, it can be a serious frustration. Knowing what causes these issues and how it is fixed is a great way to give you water pressure peace of mind.

There are many different possibilities as for why the pressure levels went down, and you aren’t getting water flowing through your faucets or shower at optimum levels. Here are a few.

Pipe Clogs & Blocks

As water moves through pipes it carries small materials along with it. Especially minerals like calcium will flow through water pipes constantly, and they catch on to the sides to cause a slow build up. Eventually this build up can be enough to partially or completely block a pipe by simply reducing the amount of space the water has to flow through. This type of issue will slowly develop over time, and although irritating can usually be easily remedied with chemical drain cleaning.

Fixtures or Pipes Too Small

This type of issue would generally be noticed right away after moving into a house, rather than being a problem that builds slowly over time. However, it is related to the issue above of having pipe clogs, because it will serve to enhance that problem even further.  While the main line of water coming into your home is large, all other pipes get smaller and smaller as water is diverted to the various areas in your home.  Depending upon the distance it has to travel and size of the pipe, you can lose quite a bit of pressure along the way.  Many times having a professional plumber come in and replace your pipes with a larger diameter pipe in strategic areas will alleviate this problem.

Common adjustments are to move from a ½” pipe to a ¾” pipe.  Or, if you already have a ¾” pipe, you can move to a 1” pipe instead.  While these adjustments seem small, the difference in water pressure delivered through each can be quite significant.

Water Main Loss of Pressure

A common symptom of this type of issue would be if you have great water pressure, and then suddenly have very poor water pressure. This is especially true if the water pressure issue is occurring all over your house. Based on those observations you can safely assume that the problem might lie outside of your home. The water main that brings water into your house through larger pipes could have a leak, a blockage, or any other type of major problem.

The only solution in this case is to call your water company and report the problem, explaining that you suspect it is a water main pressure issue.  They are the only ones who will be able to effectively determine the exact cause and fix it.