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Prepare your home for the summer: leaves out the heat

Starts getting warm, and if you’ve not yet done, it’s time to put your home ready to make the most of the summer months. With a few simple tips, you’ll see how you can minimize the temperature rise outside. Let’s talk about leaves out the heat.

Before tightening the heat:

1. Get carpets , blankets, bedspreads and cushion covers heavy and tissues that produce heat. It’s time to wash them, save them and bring light and brightly colored fabrics. If you like to dress the ground, think of cooler rugs, for example, vegetable fiber.
2. Make a good cleaning , not forgetting lamps, bulbs, glass, fans or air conditioning. It will help to improve performance and save energy.
3. Check the insulation of doors and windows. It is important to be good to keep out the heat off and let the air you generate inside. Put a candle in front. If the flame flickers, you have to check the insulation. The hardware will help you find the best solution.

the heat

4. Check shutters , blinds and shutters drawers, if you have. They will help you avoid the heat provided they are in good condition to fulfill its function.
5. Install or check if you already have an awning on the balcony or terrace. Lets in light but avoid the hot sun in the hours over temperature.
6. Think put ceiling fans . Renew the air, distributed, and often decorative.
7. If you have air conditioning, make sure it is in good condition , that the filters are clean and unobstructed entry and exit of air. So you ensure good performance and control costs.
8. Renew plants . Not only give life and color, also contribute to freshen the air when you water and generate oxygen that will help you better withstand heat.
9. Change your light bulbs with low energy or LED . You’ll save energy and money, and also produce less heat.

To keep the house cool:

1. Unplug electrical appliances you are not using. Think you have a computer running contributes to heat a room.
2. Ventilate the house early in the day or evening.
3. Air currents generated by opening doors or windows or placing opposing fans standing in facing windows.
4. Close blinds, curtains and windows during the hot hours and open them at night . It will help to have the coolest house on waking.
5. Use hot water shortly . Produces steam and humidity not help with cooling.
6. If you have a garden or pool, make a good set of plants, irrigation water and maintenance care throughout the summer. With regular care, drip irrigation and covering the pool at night as far as possible, enjoy the summer and contribute to a greater sense of freshness in your home.

The summer heat well, also stands out as vacation time for many. And even if we do not trip, we spent many hours outside for good weather and the desire to maximize daylight hours. So take this opportunity to remind you that a well prepared home is also a well-secured home .