How to Prepare Home for the Summer

Summer is a sought-after season for many people since it’s the time for family vacations, trips to the beach, barbeque parties or simply staying at home. But it’s also the season of hurricane warnings, scorching hot temperatures, bug invasions, rainstorms, and the highest consumption of energy throughout the year. Here’s how you can get your home ready for this season. And his comment is here regarding the trusted provider of air conditioning services Newcastle. 

1. Tune up your AC

1. Tune up your AC

The summer season is when your air conditioner is most wanted, so make sure that it’s in perfect working condition before the heat becomes unbearable. Test your HVAC system and if it’s not functioning properly, you need to come up with a solution ASAP.

Start by replacing your air filter. Then, clean the area around the vents and air conditioning units and clear off any dirt from the main unit outside. Run your air conditioner after that, and if the unit isn’t working properly, you can call in a professional to see potential causes and test your air ducts for any possible leaks.

If you don’t have a programmable thermostat yet, it’s the perfect time to consider installing one. This can help you save energy and money down the road. If your air AC unit is more than 15 years old, consider replacing it with an Energy Star unit.

2. Look for ventilation leaks

Your air conditioning may be working properly, but if your house has leaks, you’d still lose precious cool air, which means more energy consumption. Look for actual leaks in the form of drafts in your windows and doors. If there are any, you can seal it up with caulking and weather stripping. Check for insulation leaks and gaps in your attics, pipes, and ductwork. Make sure your attic floor is insulated with no blocking vents.

You can cool down your window areas by using sunscreen-fabric curtains, shades, blinds or reflective film.

3. Prevent any water damage

Summer doesn’t only bring hot and sticky weather; it also brings rain and hurricanes. Make sure you protect your house against flooding and any storm damage by checking your home’s foundation. Check out your basement for leaks, cracks or holes and seal them up. Make sure you cleaned out your gutters so rainwater can flow smoothly. Inspect your roof for any cracks or warping. If it needs repair, call in a professional to fix any damages.

Check your indoors for signs of leaking, too. You might notice some dark water stains or peeling paint, and if you find a leak, call a professional to fix it as soon as possible.

4. Bug-proof your home

Summer months also bring pesky insects and bugs that can invade your home. Since they’re also trying to escape the heat, they can find comfort in your cool home. Also, it’s the season when they thrive, since many of them hibernate or migrate during the cold winter months.

Making sure everything is sealed and leak-proof helps prevent this problem. Spray your outdoor areas with a preventative pesticide, insecticide or insect repellants. Keep your house clean and dry at all times, to prevent pests from ravaging your home.

5. Prepare your ceiling fans

Most ceiling fans are designed to rotate in different directions depending on the season. During the winter, your ceiling fan must rotate clockwise to help distribute heat, but when summer comes, it’s time to run it counterclockwise to get some breeze going.

Also, you need to clean it up as it may have collected a considerable amount of dust during the winter. Take the time to dust and clean them inside and out.

6. Inspect and trim shrubs and trees

Since you’ve been inspecting other things in your home, don’t forget the greenery near you. Summer storms and winds can make trees, shrubs and large plants vulnerable. It’s the best time to examine your plants and trees and have them trimmed if they touch your house. Summer winds and rains may cause them to rub (or have branches fall) against your house and damage the roof or the sides of your home.

7. Update your paint

Summer is the best season to paint and give a new look to your home, whether it’s on your exterior, on your fences or indoors. If you need to do some touch-up painting, do it in the summer as it has the most favorable weather condition to let the paint dry easily. Doing some touch-ups you can save you some money on potential future repairs. It’s also a great time to consider pressure washing your exterior walls before repainting them, to remove dirt, stains, mold, and mildew.

8. Stock your first aid kit and emergency kit

Summer is also the season when minor medical emergencies most likely happen, as the children are out of school, bored and ready to play. Check your first aid kit and medicine cabinets, throw out any expired products, and restock it. Essential items for your first aid kit include bandages, hot or cold packs for sprains and calamine lotion for insect bites.

Besides first aid kit, have your emergency kit stocked as well. You have to be prepared for a storm emergency that may come to your area. Get a plastic bin or container and put emergency items like a flashlight, a first aid kit, batteries, water bottles, canned food with a can opener, phone chargers, radio with fully charged batteries and duct tape.

9. Stock up on summer essentials

Make sure you’ve got your sunscreen, insect repellants and other skin products you need to protect yourself and your family from the harsh sun rays, weather, and bugs. Prepare your sunnies and caps or hats before going out during the summer. Keep away your heaters, heavy rugs and draperies, and thick blankets and throws, and make your picnic blankets and beach towels easy to reach. It can also be the time to start shopping for new swimming gear, especially if you plan to have weekend getaways at the beach.

10. Be ready to party

Be prepared for impromptu gatherings during the summer, so keep drinks, snacks, and beverages on hand. Make sure your blender is ready for margaritas and fruit shakes. Clean your barbeque grill and provide enough gas and cooking oil. Keep your backyard sports items and outdoor games ready, in case your friends or your children’s playmates would come over.

Before summer arrives, clean your outdoor furniture. It may have been covered or kept away, especially during the winter. It’s the perfect time to revamp them if it needs updating, so you can cool down and hang out in your deck, patio or yard during the summer. Your outdoor area is also the perfect place to hold some BBQ parties or drinking with your friends and family.