Popular uses of grosgrain ribbon

Grosgrain ribbon is a versatile and useful fabric that has been around for centuries. It can bind books, craft items and make lanyards, belts, or korker bows. Grosgrain ribbon can also be used as an accent in clothing and scrapbooking projects such as cards and photos.

The word grosgrain derives from the French “grosgrain,” which means coarse-grained silk thread. The name was given because it resembled the rough texture of wheat grains when seen through a microscope.

Binding Books

Grosgrain ribbon is typically seen on books as a binding material. Grosgrain ribbons can be opened and closed by strong and flexible properties. As a result, the Grosgrain ribbon is a popular material for book restoration. In addition, Grosgrain fabric and ribbon can be used in a variety of ways to bind books.


Grosgrain ribbon can be a great crafting resource, as it is often used to make bows or embellishments for other crafts. For example, creating your version of a classic wreath with ribbon decorations can make the wreath (something to put on the door) last longer while giving it more style? A grosgrain ribbon is also a good way to add an elegant touch to your holiday wreaths and other festive decorations.

Gift Wrapping us Grosgrain Ribbon

A variety of grosgrain ribbons in the market and one of the best uses for grosgrain ribbon is to wrap gifts. When made from polyester, this ribbon type is both lightweight and flexible- perfect qualities for a wrapping material! There are plenty of tutorials for gift wrapping online, you can also check them out.


Do you have a lanyard that holds your ID card or any other needed access? These lanyards are often made of grosgrain material. Many companies often buy these for promotional purposes from third-party printing providers. Lanyards are made of this grosgrain because this ribbon is very durable.

A lanyard is also a very popular tool to use in the classroom to hold folders or binders together. The best uses of these ribbons are in schools where children often wear them as they walk from class to class. These types of ribbons can be found at most craft stores if you need more than one!


The grosgrain ribbon works well with many different materials such as paper and wood too, so it’s not limited only to clothing items like dress shirts or skirts- although this type of material creates some really beautiful designs. However, it is worth noting that the design tends to stand out among others when using other materials besides cloths.

Grosgrain is a versatile material that can be used on different pieces of clothing, from belts to ties. Grosgrain ribbons make great headbands, edge protectors, and embellished bracelets. However, it is important to remember that fraying can occur if you don’t treat the edges with a fray-check solution.

Korker Bows using Grosgrain Ribbon

Grosgrain ribbon is a popular, low-cost alternative to heavy velvet ribbons and can be used for various projects. To enjoy one of the simplest crafts using grosgrain ribbon, wrap a length of ribbon around a wooden dowel and secure ends with wooden clothespins. Next, place the dowels on a baking sheet and bake them for at 250℉, 20-30 minutes. And your korker bows are ready.


Grosgrain ribbons come in many different colors, materials, and designs, making them a great option for themed scrapbooks. There’s such a variety of grosgrain ribbons; you’re bound to find the perfect one for your project.

Hair and Fashion Accessories

Grosgrain ribbon can be tied in a perfect bow around braids or used to make simple hair clips. To make your clothes unique, try sewing on some grosgrain ribbon to add a bit of detail.

If you’re looking for something to hold your hair back, try making a simple hair clip with some grosgrain ribbon. If you want to make, your clothes stand out and add a little detail, sew on some strips of this fabric or buy pre-made bows from the store. Many fun crafts use this material, like korker bows, by wrapping them around dowels and baking them at 250℉ for 20-30 minutes! That’s just one example of how versatile these ribbons can be – they’re perfect as bookmarks in scrapbooks, fashion accessories such as headbands, belts, ties, lanyards, etc.


Give your flower arrangements, centerpieces, and more an elegant touch with grosgrain ribbon. There are dozens of different ways to use this versatile design detail! Grosgrain is a great way to make your wedding, baby shower, or event even more memorable.


Grosgrain has been a popular choice for decorations in homes, DIY crafts, and clothing. What are some of your favorite ways to use grosgrain ribbon? Let us know on our Facebook page! We’d love to see pictures or hear about any clever ways you have found to incorporate this versatile material into your home decorating ideas. Your creativity inspires us as well! Grosgrain is one of the most durable ribbons of all ribbons.