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How to plan for a loft space

A house can gain considerable space turning it into a loft. A loft space or a garage that will be wasted can be converted into a bonus room, master bedroom or apartment annex. Design the space frame requires reinforcement of support in some cases. Do not take for granted that a loft hold the extra weight of a new room or apartment. Ask a builder to review your plans and ideas before moving forward. Revises the constraints of the building as well. You will need a special output loft, for example.

loft space


Go to the attic. Bring portable light to measure the space if it has not yet and analyzes lighting construction options. Get a sense of whether the loft space is large enough for your project. Look carefully at the angle of the roof to make sure there is ample headroom for the central part of the new loft.

I where to build the stairs if space has the same yet. Creates the roof so as to generate space. Measures to ensure that landings are appropriate for up and down the stairs. Create an outside entrance if you’re planning to make the area habitable loft apart.

Draw a basic plan for the building permit. Discuss all aspects of the project with industry officials. Get the permit and a list of the General Regulations of Urban Planning and Construction. Find out if you will need special reinforcement of the floor joists. Make a sketch of all special windows or unevenness to comply with fire evacuation codes and ensure that the competent authorities have approved it.

Make a list of all relevant materials for construction. Includes soils beams, the agglomerate to place below ground, the floor, the drywall and painting, for example. Be sure to include fans and additional ducts for heating and air conditioning. Plan to buy additional heat pump if necessary, because the extra space can overload the existing unit. Calculate the budget as close as possible to the construction and furnishing.

Divide the project into stages. Make relevant research reputation for hiring masons to assist with the electrical, plumbing, carpentry and painting. Make lists to complete each stage of the work. Calls advice and guidance to workers with improvement ideas loft plane. Take the time to understand in detail the construction process in order to make a reliable planning.